African Male Hunter Batik Fabric Wall Art Style 1
African Male Hunter Batik Fabric Wall Art Style 1

African Male Hunter Batik Fabric Wall Art Style 1

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Celebrate the strength, courage, and dedication of a true provider with our Handmade Batik Fabric Wall Art, depicting an African male returning home with his latest hunt – an antelope.

This striking piece is a powerful reminder of the bond between man and nature, and the important role of family.

The vibrant colors and intricate batik patterns bring this scene to life, capturing the determination and triumph of the hunter. Measuring 35 inches long and 11 inches wide, this artwork is a perfect addition to various spaces in your home.

**Where to Display:**

- **Living Room:** Hang it above the sofa to create a focal point that sparks conversations and adds a touch of cultural heritage to your decor.
- **Entryway:** Welcome guests with this bold piece, setting a warm and inviting tone right from the entrance.
- **Office or Study:** Place it in your workspace to inspire strength and perseverance as you tackle your daily tasks.
- **Dining Room:** Add a touch of character and storytelling to your dining area, making mealtimes even more special.

Looking for a unique and meaningful Father’s Day gift? This artwork is an excellent choice, honoring the qualities of strength and responsibility.

It’s a thoughtful way to show appreciation for the father figure in your life, celebrating his role as a provider and protector.

Bring a piece of African heritage into your home with our Handmade Batik Fabric Wall Art. It’s more than just decor – it’s a story of courage and family.

Handmade slight imperfections are common.

15 inches wide

35 inches long

Made in Ivory Coast