Mother & Child Batik Fabric Wall Art B
Mother & Child Batik Fabric Wall Art B

Mother & Child Batik Fabric Wall Art B

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Mother and Child Batik Tapestry – a true masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of African culture and the enduring bond between a mother and her child.

Handcrafted with utmost care and devotion, this tapestry is a testament to the artistry that emanates from the heart of Ivory Coast.

At 35 inches in length, this versatile piece of fabric wall art commands attention in any setting, from cozy living rooms to serene bedrooms. The tapestry's meticulous details vividly portray an African woman cradling her baby on her back, a portrayal of nurturing love that transcends time and borders.

Handmade in the heart of Ivory Coast, each tapestry is a labor of love, meticulously crafted using traditional batik techniques. The process involves wax-resist dyeing, resulting in intricate patterns and a vibrant color palette that embodies the spirit of timeless African decor.

Key Features:

  • Timeless Connection: The heartwarming depiction of a mother and child captures a universal connection that resonates with people of all backgrounds, making this tapestry a symbol of unity and love.

  • Artistry Beyond Borders: Handcrafted in Ivory Coast, the tapestry embodies the cultural richness and artistic heritage of Africa, bringing a touch of the continent's soul into your space.

  • Versatility in Design: Measuring 35 inches in length, this tapestry effortlessly adapts to various spaces, adding an air of sophistication and cultural significance wherever it is displayed.

  • Elevate Your Space: Elevate your interior decor with this fabric wall art, infusing your surroundings with the captivating energy and aesthetic charm of African design.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each tapestry is meticulously handmade using time-honored batik techniques, ensuring an authentic and visually striking piece that stands the test of time.

Invite the spirit of Africa into your home with our Mother and Child Batik Tapestry. Embrace the ageless connection between a mother and her child while honoring the artistic traditions of Ivory Coast. Add a touch of cultural elegance to your living space with this remarkable piece that resonates with beauty, emotion, and history.

Handmade slight imperfections are common.

15 inches wide

35 inches long

Made in Ivory Coast