Small African Clay Masks Set
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Small African Clay Masks Set C

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Set of 2 small African clay masks beautifully crafted by artisans in Cameroon.

Small in size but big in color: red, yellow, blue and white will bring your walls, mantle, bookshelf or table to life.

Masks like these are often used throughout Cameroon to show social status and position. They are also worn during ritual ceremonies; in hopes that it will help the fertility of the crops and fields.

They make stunning African art sizable for your gallery wall or stand alone statement pieces.

Add a pop of culture to a small corner of the room or mix them in with larger pieces of art for visual interest and style.

3"-4" wide x 4"-5" long. 

Clean with duster only. Lightweight and easy to hang with nails or mounting putty. 

No two are alike. Made in Cameroon.