African Mother and Child Batik Fabric Wall Art Style 13
African Mother and Child Batik Fabric Wall Art Style 13

African Mother and Child Batik Fabric Wall Art Style 13

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Discover the warmth and joy captured in our handmade batik fabric wall art, where tradition meets artistry.

This beautiful piece depicts a tender moment of an African woman holding her baby high in the air, both of them smiling brightly. 

Measuring 35 inches long and 11 inches wide, this artwork is a perfect addition to your home decor.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate this unique piece into your home:

1. **Entryway Welcome**: Hang this art in your entryway to greet guests with a warm and welcoming scene that sets a positive tone right from the doorstep.

2. **Living Room Centerpiece**: Place it above your sofa or mantel to create a focal point that adds a splash of color and a heartfelt story to your living area.

3. **Bedroom Serenity**: Position it above your bed or on a side wall to infuse your personal space with a sense of joy and cultural richness.

4. **Hallway Highlight**: Use it to liven up a hallway, making what might otherwise be a plain passageway a delightful journey through art and tradition.

5. **Reading Nook Companion**: Pair it with a cozy chair and a small bookshelf to create a serene reading nook where you can escape into stories both on and off the pages.

Each piece of our batik fabric wall art is meticulously handmade, ensuring that your artwork is not just a decoration, but a meaningful connection to the rich traditions of African craftsmanship.

Let this piece bring a sense of warmth, joy, and cultural depth into your home.

Handmade slight imperfections are common.

15 inches wide

35 inches long

Made in Ivory Coast