Green Blue Red Woven Bolga Wall Fan

Green Blue Red Woven Bolga Wall Fan

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Enjoy the beauty of handmade African décor with this green, red and blue woven bolga wall fan.

Crafted from elephant grass and woven together by hand, these vibrant tropical colors will instantly transport you to a faraway land.

Perfect for your home, office, or even carry in your travels. So, why not add a few to home and have several ready for your upcoming guests?

Elevate your space with this one-of-a-kind wall fan!

This woven African wall fan has the best of both worlds: earthy colors and vibrant colors. 

Kinda has a tropical vibe too; imagine lush green foliage, exotic get aways, clear blue waters and strong tropical drinks without leaving home.

But when you are ready for that dream vacation this fan packs flat to easily fit in your bag.

Skillfully handmade in Ghana our hand fans make the best gifts.

14-16 inches long

9-10 inches wide

Handmade imperfections common.