African Mini Bolga Baskets with Handles - Set of 2
African Mini Bolga Baskets with Handles - Set of 2
African Mini Bolga Baskets with Handles - Set of 2

African Mini Bolga Baskets with Handles - Set of 2

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Set of 2 Mini Bolga Baskets, these little wonders stand at a charming 4 inches tall, boasting vibrant colors and an undeniable adorableness factor.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Ghana, each basket carries within it the rich heritage and tradition of African craftsmanship.

Here's a few of our favorite ways to enjoy these baskets: 

1. Stylish Storage: Use them to hold your small trinkets, jewelry, or keys. Place them on your bedside table or entryway console for a pop of color and a touch of African charm.

2. Plant Pot Covers: place your succulents inside for a lovely gift for add to your plant collection. Not only will they add a splash of color to your greenery, but they also provide a unique and eye-catching way to display your favorite plants.

3. Gift Packaging: Get creative with your gift-giving by using these baskets as unique gift packaging. Fill them with goodies like candies, tea bags, or tiny treasures for a thoughtful and visually stunning presentation.

4. Kids' Play: Let your little ones' imaginations run wild by incorporating these baskets into their playtime. They can use them as easter baskets, doll accessories, miniature shopping baskets, or even as part of a pretend picnic set.

5. Table Centerpieces: Spruce up your dining table or coffee table by arranging these baskets as part of a colorful centerpiece. Fill them with fresh flowers, decorative stones, or scented potpourri for a visually striking display.

No matter how you choose to use them, our Set of 2 Mini Bolga Baskets is sure to add a touch of African flair and whimsy to any space. 

Made of natural fibers and grass; do not submerge or wash with water. If necessary, use a damp cloth to wipe the basket clean.
Set of 2
Size: 3.5-4" diameter, 4-4.5" tall
Hade made in Ghana
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