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Starry Night Lavender Eye & Belly Pillows (Multiple Colors)

Image of Starry Night Lavender Eye & Belly Pillows (Multiple Colors)
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Lavender eye pillows made with African dutch wax|Ankara fabric. The relaxing scent of lavender paired with soft wax print fabric makes these ideal for days you need a heavenly escape from the day to day or while traveling.

Makes the perfect gift for family and friends as well.

Variety of uses including: headache relief, sleep aid, stiff joints, or cramp relief to name a few.

Microwave for up to 30 seconds or put in the freezer for a cold compress.

The scent lasts for years, to refresh gently squeeze the pillow.

Size options:
9 x 4 inches (medium eye pillow perfect for across the eyes, forehead and more)
12 x 6 inches (larger belly pillow perfect for neck, shoulders, lower back and more)

Inner pouch is filled with rice & dried lavender.

Removable cover for easy cleaning. Wash cover on gentle cycle with like colors, air dry.