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Copy of Swirl Mud Cloth Scarf or Runner

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Warm colors, striking patterns this one of a kind mud cloth scarf with a fun swirl pattern makes a statement. Wear it as a scarf or decorate your home as a table runner either way you'll love the vibe it creates.

Fringe detail at both ends and width allow you to play with endless style combinations. Makes the perfect unisex gift for the relative who has it all, friend that owns their Afrocentric style or for yourself.

African mud cloth is a traditional Malian fabric that is dyed with fermented mud and plant dyes. Artisans begin by soaking cotton cloth in a dye bath of tree leaves.

Historically, the cloth is sun-dried then painted repeatedly with fermented mud, which chemically reacts with the tree leaves and leaves the cloth a rich brown even after the mud is washed off. Unpainted parts of the mud cloth are washed or bleached off to reveal intricate designs.

100% Cotton

Size: 62”L X 9”W

Because this is a handmade item expect slight imperfections that add to the items uniqueness.

Care: spot clean