Gabon Tribe Wood Fang Mask

Large Gabon Tribe Wood Fang Mask

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African art brings life, culture and story to room like no other art form. But this black wood Gabon fang mask is more than that, it's the decor solution you've been looking for.

Hand carved in Gabon with wood and a natural color. Customers add them to their gallery wall but it's just as powerful hung on its own. 

Gabonese artists draw inspiration from natural elements and human figures, then hand carve wood to create the intricate designs and traditional silhouettes. This artwork will give you the sense to connection to Africa. 

6" - 9" wide and 16" - 23" long

Clean with duster only. Lightweight and easy to hang with nails or mounting putty.

Handmade in Gabon.

One of a kind.