Yellow Bird + Elephants Korhogo Fabric Wall Art
elephants birds african decor wall art with korhogo cloth
african elephants yellow birds with korhogo cloth
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Yellow Bird + Elephants Korhogo Fabric Wall Art

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A beautiful illustration of animals in Sub Sahara Africa, Korhogo cloth is whimsical, unique and expressive. Hand woven, hand painted korhogo cloth painting shows the nature of sub-Sahara Africa.

The colorful yellow bird and brown elephants is hand painted after it is handwoven. 

Korhogo cloth is one a kind and will be a great conversation piece in your home whether you hang it on the wall or drape on furniture (my favorite way to use them).

But many customers drape Korhogo cloth on their bed or use for upholstery projects. It's a versatile piece of African art that offer lots of design possibilities.

Size: 66" L x 44" W

Made in Ivory Coast using a natural process expect a slight aroma. Hang outside to air out.

Spot clean