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Colorful Maasai Bead Earrings 2
Colorful Maasai Bead Earrings 2

Colorful Maasai Bead Earrings 2

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Accent a crisp white shirt, t-shirt and jeans or your favorite sundress with a pop of color and piece of culture.

Our orange multi long bead earrings are delicately crafted in Kenya by Maasai artisans who design for a living to support themselves and their families. The earrings are made with wire and colorful glass beads characteristic of the Maasai Tribe.

The long tube shape will compliment the shape of your face nicely. Each set is uniquely made and one of a kind just like you.

The Maasai people are native to southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are among the best known tribes due to their distinctive customs, dress and they are fearless warriors. 

You are sure to find a pair that speaks to your style.

Only 1 available in each pattern.

2.5- 3.5 inches long

Made in Kenya. Due to the handmade nature slight imperfections are common and add to the unique characteristics.

Makes a wonderful gift too!