Orange Speed Bird Ankara Fabric Folding Hand Fan
Orange Speed Bird Ankara Fabric Folding Hand Fan

Orange Speed Bird Ankara Fabric Folding Hand Fan

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If you're all about style and beating the heat, you're in for a treat. This hand fan is not just functional; it's a fashion statement and a piece of African culture rolled into one.

Pattern That Soars: Picture this: beautiful birds taking flight against a vibrant batik orange backdrop. That's the stunning pattern on our hand fan. It's like a little piece of freedom in your hand, and it's inspired by the African Speed Bird fabric. This fabric represents freedom and movement, making your fan not just a breeze-maker but also a symbol of liberation.

Serious Breeze Action: When those hot flashes hit or you're just trying to stay cool in style, this hand fan is your MVP. It's designed to deliver a substantial breeze, so you can look good and keep your cool at the same time. 

Perfect Gift Alert: Need a gift idea that'll knock it out of the park? Look no further! This hand fan is the perfect gift for your friends, bridesmaids, and especially your mom. It's a thoughtful way to say, "I see you." 🎁

For the First Lady: And if you're thinking about honoring the first lady of your church, this hand fan is an absolute gem. Its handmade charm and cultural significance make it a heartfelt tribute to someone special.

Crafted with Love in Ghana: We take pride in the fact that each of these hand fans is handmade in Ghana. When you get one, you're not just getting a stylish accessory; you're supporting talented artisans and celebrating the rich traditions of African craftsmanship. We think that's pretty awesome.

100% cotton and leather

15 inches long x 12 inches wide when open

9 inches long x 2.5 inches wide when closed

Handmade in Ghana