Village Life Korhogo Fabric Wall Art
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Village Life Korhogo Fabric Wall Art

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What a beautiful piece of African wall art to add life, culture and story to your home.
Korhogo cloth is special in that it's made by the cooperatives efforts of male and female artisans working together to create a unique often one of a kind textile for you to decorate your walls or add warmth draped on your chair or bed.

Women spin the cotton into yarn and prepare the dye while men weave and decorate the cloth. 

Korhogo cloth is a thick but soft African tapestry that's sizable, versatile and gorgeous. You're home will feel complete and it's a great conversation piece.

We love the village life scene shown on the pattern they often tell stories of family, ceremonies or nature.

Size: 66" L x 44" W

Made using a natural process expect a slight aroma. Hang outside to air out.

Spot clean.