Zig Zag Black White Mud Cloth Fabric Throw
black white mud cloth fabric throw zig-zag pattern
black-white mud cloth fabric lines zig-zag

Zig Zag Black White Mud Cloth Fabric Throw

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Black and white mud cloth fabric throw with tribal symbols and modern designs in a zig zag  pattern. A beautiful piece of handmade African art.

You'll love the look of this African textile in your home because it has a lot to offer, a modern chic black and white pattern in a large size.

Mud cloth fabric is thick and has a tight weave ideal for upholstery or lounging on at outdoor events.

Mudcloth aka Bambara - is created with hand-painted designs using traditional methods which have been passed down for decades. The cloth is first woven, then a design is painted on by hand using natural ingredients. 

This cloth is then dipped into specially prepared dyes made with mud, left to dry and then often dipped again. The process may take several weeks from start to finish. 

The exact pattern may vary.

Size: 40" - 45" wide x 63" - 68" long. Sizes may vary as these are hand made.

Spot clean suggested. 

Handmade in Mali.