Ashanti Fertility Dolls Set

Large Ashanti Fertility Dolls Set of 2

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Set of 2 Ashanti fertility dolls skillfully hand carved in Kenya from wood then dyed a rich black.

Not looking for fertility vibes don't worry, these dolls are unique African art on their own. Imagine placed on your shelf, alter or entryway. Fertility dolls are often keepsakes, passed down to generations.

Among the Ashanti people in Ghana, women hoping for offspring carry these ‘Akuaba dolls’ in their clothes. Traditionally, these ‘Akuaba’ have a large, round, flat head that is reminiscent of its origin as a representation of the moon goddess, which is associated with fertility.

Once the ‘Akuaba’ figure has fulfilled its purpose, the mother of the desired child places it on her altar, where it is worshipped in a shrine, or she passes it on to the next generation.

7-8" tall 

Set of 2

Smaller Ashanti dolls no longer available

Handmade in Kenya slight imperfections are common