Bone Heart Shaped Love Tokens
Bone Heart Shaped Love Tokens - Set of 3

Bone Heart Shaped Love Tokens - Set of 3

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Give a small token of appreciation and love to yourself, friends or loved ones with our cow bone heart shaped love tokens. 

Sold in a set of 3 they're smooth, durable hearts and fun to touch. They're also lightweight, making them ideal to carry with you or adorn your alter, night stand or anywhere you want to display the love you have for each member of your family.

I place them on my alter one for each of my grandparents to honor them.

I also highly recommend these hearts as Valentines, birthday or anniversary gift especially when paired with our small olive wood heart shaped bowls.

Who wouldn't love a beautiful keepsake from the heart. They'll cherish it for years to come.

Sold in a set of 3

Size:  1"W x 1.25"H

Crafted from upcycled cow bone with a dyed finish by hand.

Handmade in Kenya. Sizes and finish will vary.