White & Black Mud Cloth Pattern Coffee Mug
Pattern Coffee Mug

15 oz White & Black Mud Cloth Pattern Coffee Mug

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Enjoy coffee, tea or any beverage of choice in our white and black mud cloth pattern coffee mug. Inspired by the iconic fabric native to Mali, West Africa, the mud cloth print mug is a sturdy, ceramic mug that will add a little Afro lux vibes to your cupboard.

This coffee mug also makes the perfect gift for the culturally inspired person in your life.

The larger 15 oz size allows you to enjoy more of your favorite beverages.

Its true colors are made to withstand heat in the microwave and multiple cycles through the dishwasher, the quality will not be altered.

15 ounces
Glossy, Ceramic
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe

This item is made to order by one of our production partners. Estimated production and shipping is 10-14 business days.