10 African Inspired Must Haves For Their Dorm Room

10 African inspired must haves for their dorm room decor


10 African Inspired Must Haves For Their Dorm Room

It's time to go back to school and your college bound kid, niece, nephew or grandchild wants to go back representing who they are. Reflektion Design has curated a mix of 10 African Inspired Must Haves For Their Dorm Room that will make them feel right at home. Afrocentric items they'll be proud to display like mud cloth pattern journals, coffee mugs, pillows and more. Their dorm will pop with color and culture, the perfect way to start the school year.

Let us know in the comments which items you're grabbing for the college bound folks in your life. I've got my eyes on #1, 5, & 8.

10 African Inspired Must Haves For Their Dorm Room 

10. Ankara Fabric Face Masks

Colorful Ankara african print fabric face masks
You want your loved ones to be safe on campus and one of the best ways to do that is with a face mask. Encourage safe behavior by making sure they have an ample stash of African print fabric masks. One to put in their book bag, dresser drawer and car.  They're more likely to wear them since the patterns are stylish and will jazz up their outfits. Masks are 100% cotton, machine washable and made with two layers of fabric. 


9. Journals

gratitude hard cover journal lined pages


Journals are such an important tool for personal growth and discovery, traits we want young people to start using sooner than later. We use them for our to do lists, goal setting, brainstorming creative ideas or keeping track of the things we're grateful for. 

And while technology enables us to use digital tools to capture our ideas there's nothing like putting pen to paper. They'll enjoy taking a break from tech with our hard cover lined journals with unique African inspired patterns. They'll see themselves represented which will encourage them to dive into the 150 pages and let their thoughts flow.  


8. Coffee Mugs

black white african pattern coffee mugs


Your college student may not be a big coffee drinker yet, but these mud cloth pattern mugs can hold all kinds of beverages from tea to OJ. And if they do enjoy coffee they'll love the weighted, ceramic feel which keeps hot drinks warm longer. I also like to use them as desk decor. How cute would these mugs be as a pen, pencil and marker holder on their desk. That's what I call multi functional art.


7. Serving Trays

colorful woven African serving tray

What a beautiful way to keep their desk, bedside table or dresser organized. Our woven serving trays can do more than serve food. They're great for keeping their everyday essentials like jewelry, watches, glasses and more close by and culturally fly. But when they want to use it to carry meals it's great for that too and not too big so it will store easily in often small dorm rooms.


6. Bedding

afrocentric black women on bedding duvet set
How cute is this Afrocentric duvet bedding set? They'll spend a lot of time in their dorm room so why not make it cozy + cultural and there's nothing more cultural (and inspiring) than a black women rocking her head wrap. Who knows, it might inspire them to make their bed everyday. lol  Follow on IG: @theafrochicboutique


5. Baksets

small colorful African woven baskets


Your college student isn't basic and their dorm decor shouldn't be basic either. Intricately woven, these handcrafted and colorful baskets are made from banana stalks and dyed sisal. The beautiful design will add so much life and personality to their room. And at 8 inches, they're also a practical storage solution or wall decor. The storage ideas are endless: table/shelf decoration, jewelry decoration, place to drop their keys or spare change.


4. Clip Boards

afrocentric clip board red green and yellow


This isn't your everyday clip board instead it features Afrocentric patterns that will add a sense of pride to their dorm room. Clip boards are cool because they can use them to hang notes for their roommates, messages, reminders or important papers. The pattern is so vibrant it's also a cool piece of art when hung on it's own. Made by Tribal Immunity. Follow them on IG @tribalimmunity


3. Pillow Covers

colorful african print fabric pillow covers


After a long day of acing examples, studying hard and juggling campus activities they deserve a cozy and culturally rich place to lay their head at that end of the day. Our African print fabric pillow covers will brighten their mood and their dorm room with vibrant colors and African inspired patterns. The covers are removable and machine washable for easy use throughout their room. 


2. Mud cloth fabric throw

black royal blue mud cloth fabric throw
Nothing adds style and warmth to a room like mud cloth fabric throws. Thanks to their decent size and unique style, they make great accent pieces. Throws aren't only for decoration, your college student can actually use them to compliment their blanket during those cold nights in the dorm. I like hanging them on the wall for an instant headboard or wall art. They also make great photo back drops since kids love selfies these days. lol  
African fabric picture frames dorm shelf decor
You want them to remember where they came from and the people who helped them get to this next level in life. Picture frames are the perfect way to do it, reminding them of the people who love them most. Covered with African print fabric these picture frames are a beautiful way for them to display family and friends and add Afrocentric accents to their dorm room. Made by Handcrafted Fuchsia. Follow on IG: @handcraftedfuchsia
I don't know about you but these dorm room essentials make me want to go back to school! Any of these gems are ideal for students at heart, life-long learners along with college students. Pillows, journals, bedding and more you won't see everywhere else their dorm room will be culturally unique. Is there an African print fabric or afrocentric dorm decor item we should know about? Share in the comment below! 


For more African inspired decor ideas check out Reflektion Design.   

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