10 Handmade African Gifts They'll Love

10 Handmade African Inspired Gifts They'll Love

10 Handmade African Inspired Gifts They'll Love

They love gifts with meaning, story and history. Gifts that represent their love of African culture and how they like to express themselves. These handmade gifts are perfect for people who love African decor, jewelry and art. Imagine the look on their face when they open your gift to find a heirloom quality gift made by artisans in African using techniques used for generations. 

We've curated a list of 10 of our favorite handmade African inspired gifts from the shop that are as unique as the person you're gifting them to. All of these items were made in either Ghana, Kenya or Uganda and make great gifts all year round.

I've got my eyes on # 6,2 and 1. Let me know in the comments which items you'll be gifting or treating yourself to.

10 Handmade African Inspired Gifts They'll Love

10. Maasai Bead Earrings

yellow african bead earrings
Made in Kenya by artisans in the Maasai tribe, our bead earrings will bring out the magic already inside of them. The earrings come in a variety of shapes from long and narrow to large and round you'll find a pair to fit your face or theirs nicely.
A cultural way to jazz up t shirt and jeans or a dress. All of our African earrings are light weight too especially the small bead and cowrie shell earrings shown above.
black white mud cloth pattern waist pack
Fanny packs are the go to fashion accessory and gift for people on the go who like to look good while carrying what's important. Our black mud cloth pattern waist bag has everything you need: the right amount of space, an inside pocket, and adjustable strap. 
They'll be hands free at festivals, on vacation, or while running errands. They'll love rocking this with their favorite outfits for a Afro modern boho look. The pattern is inspired by the iconic mud cloth fabric handmade in Mali, West Africa.
ankara african print fabrics
Are they a craft queen or quilt making maven? Maybe they're a DIY diva with power tool skills. Whatever the go by they'll love receiving our African print fabrics as a gift.
Ankara fabrics are cotton and versatile they'll have fun letting their imagination run wild with upholstery projects or making holiday crafts like ornaments or greeting cards. Available in scraps by the pound for small projects or 3 yard pieces for clothing, decor and more. Produced in Ghana.
african clay wall masks


African wall art is a great gift idea but often overlooked due to their typical larger size but these masks fit in the palm of your hand making them ideal for gifting.

Imagine their face when they open the box to find a gift with cultural significance, they'll them enjoy for years. Not to mention these small clay passport masks will bring their wall, mantle or bookshelf to life. 

Masks like these are handmade in Cameroon and were used to show social status and position. They are also worn during ritual ceremonies; in hopes that it will help the fertility of the crops and fields. 


6. Woven Raffia Baskets

small woven raffia baskets


Baskets for great for the person on your gift list that loves color and natural fibers. These small woven raffia baskets are what we call functional art.

Functional in that you can store jewelry, tea bags, fruit and more but their also a piece of art that they can hang on their wall for a pop of color. Handmade in Uganda with raffia and sisal these baskets come in large and small sizes great for creating a basket gift set.


5. Bone Napkin Rings


bone napkin rings on solid color cotton napkins

A universal gift for all occasions from wedding to holiday to housewarming, our bone napkin rings are the kind of gift they'll thank you for, for years to come.

Especially if they love to entertain and want to add a handmade African element to their table setting. The upcycled bone is hand dyed and batiked in Kenya. Artisans use the techniques to create the gorgeous patterns, no two are exactly the same. Check out our napkins for a lovely decor gift set.


4. Woven Raffia Placemats 

round woven burgundy red placemats boho


These round woven raffia placemats are ideal gifts for the African decor enthusiast who also has a chic elegant side. 

Ugandan artisans intricately weave these placemats with raffia naturally dyed in vibrant burgundy, white and deep orange so they can create beautifully styled dinner table they've always wanted. 

Sizable (13 inches) and heat resistant so you can put a tea kettle on it or a hot dish from the oven with ease. Many customers place potted plants on top of them as well.


3. African Pattern Pillows 

black white mud cloth pattern pillows 3 sizes


Pillows are another one of those wonderful gifts that are often overlooked. Who wouldn't love to refresh their sofa, chair, office or guest room with pillows that are unique, beautiful and designed with cultural patterns. 

Our mud cloth pattern pillows come in three colors (black, white or red) and three sizes (18 inches, 22 inches and 12x20 inches) so you can gift them an assortment of pillows to make their life a little cozier.


2. 15 oz African Pattern Coffee Mugs

15 oz ceramic coffee mugs


Unisex gift - check, they'll love and use it - check, and African inspired patterns- check. Our 15 oz ceramic African pattern coffee mugs check all the boxes signs of a great gift.

Finding African gifts for your mom, dad, husband or bestie can get tougher over the years these mugs are something they'll love and never see coming. Whether they are team coffee or team tea the mud cloth pattern will elevate their daily sip with culture and style.


1. Mud Cloth Fabric

large mud cloth fabrics

Mud cloth, also known as bògòlanfini, is a traditional West African fabric that has gained popularity around the world for its unique patterns and rich cultural significance. If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful handmade gift, mud cloth is an excellent choice for many reasons.

Cultural significance: Mud cloth has a long history and cultural significance in West Africa. It is traditionally worn during important ceremonies and events, and the patterns on the cloth often have specific meanings and symbolism. Giving a gift of mud cloth allows you to share a piece of this rich cultural heritage with someone else.

Versatile: Mud cloth can be used in a variety of ways, from clothing and accessories to home decor. You can find mud cloth bags, scarves, pillow covers, and even wallpaper. This versatility makes it easy to find a mud cloth gift that fits the recipient’s style and preferences.

Handmade: Mud cloth is traditionally made by hand, using a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Giving a gift of mud cloth supports traditional artisans and their communities, and also shows that you value handmade craftsmanship.

Eco-friendly: Mud cloth is made from natural materials and dyes, which makes it an eco-friendly choice. Giving a gift of mud cloth supports sustainable practices and helps to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Mud cloth is our favorite handmade gift idea because it's culturally significant, versatile, handmade, and eco-friendly. It’s a thoughtful and meaningful way to show someone that you care.


Have fun exploring the shop for more handmade African inspired gift ideas. We're just scratching the surface and add new African art, wall fans, mud cloth throws and more to the shop constantly. 

Which items will you be gifting this year? Let me know in the comments and feel free to share this list with your friends and family.

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