10 African Inspired Comfort Foods For Fall

10 african inspired fall comfort food recipes

10 African Inspired Comfort Foods For Fall

Fall is here and as the nights get longer and temperatures drop we seek foods to keep us warm and cozy. Reflektion Design has curated a list of 10 African inspired comfort foods perfect for fall. Best thing about this list is it contains recipes from across the African diaspora from Haiti to Mozambique.

What better time than fall to learn new ways to prepare your favorites: chicken, beef, veggies and yes, hot chocolate! There's also a recipe for a time honored African American dish but you'll have to keep reading to see what it is! 

Let me know in the comments which dishes will hit your table this fall. I've got my eyes on #3, 7, and 4.

10 African Inspired Comfort Foods For Fall

10. Haitian Tchaka Inka Soup

Haitian Tchaka Inka Soup fall comfort food recipes african

This Haitian recipe for Tchaka soup includes dried corn, red beans and a host of other flavors reminiscent of seeds brought to the island from Africa during the slave trade. What we love about this savory soup it contains items you probably have in your cupboard already: chicken bouillon, kidney beans and dried corn for example. See the full recipe here.


9. Ghanaian Stewed Spinach and Plantains

Ghanaian stewed spinach plantains african fall comfort food

Here is a different spin on spinach, African style. What sets it apart from the typical boiled or sautéed spinach is the amount of spice. Garlic, paprika, and thyme, along with onion, tomato and scotch peppers are a few of the savory spices used to perk up this dish served as a side or main entree dish. What's not to love about this dish from the spices to the addition of shrimp and plantains yes please! See full recipe here.


8. Moroccan Lamb Pie

moroccan lamp pie african comfort foods for fall

Next time you have a craving for chicken pot pie, turn to this recipe made with  lamb combined with global spices like cinnamon, cumin, ginger, pepper, and garlic! The flaky crust is devine. We love this recipe because it's great for dinner parties or a delicious meal for you. See the full recipe here.


7. Jamaican Hot Chocolate (Cocoa Tea)

Jamaican hot chocolate tea comfort foods drinks for fall

Made with roasted chocolate balls this dense hot drink packs a punch and is typically served for breakfast but we think it would be just as good at night by the fire under your favorite blanket. This Jamaican hot chocolate, also known as chocolate tea is seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg. It is an experience that is completely Jamaican and everything good. See the full recipe here.


6. Mandazi (East African Doughnuts)

Mandazi (East African Doughnuts) fall comfort foods sweets african

This spicy, airy treat is enjoyed throughout east Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) and is a staple street food made with dough, coconut milk, and flavored with cardamom and grated fresh coconut or coconut flakes. Best served with chai for breakfast or as snacks. What we love about this treat is it's not meant to be super sweet like donuts, they're slightly sweet. See the full recipe here.


5. Ethiopian Yataklete kilkil (Green Beans & Potatoes)

green beans stew Ethiopian

Not all comfort foods need to contain meat. This delicious dish is made with green beans, carrots and potatoes. It's full of flavor and good for you - comfort food win win. We love this dish because it's a great option for the family member who visits and is off meat or when you want something light but flavorful. See the full recipe here.

4. West African Beef Kabobs (Suya)

west african beef kabobs fall comfort foods recipes

What is the magic ingredient to these delicious kabobs? Peanut butter. Yes you read correctly, peanut butter. You can use peanut butter to marinate beef and the result are these flavorful, spicy, juicy beef kabobs native to West Africa. We love these kabobs because the flavor is unique and when you add tomato paste, allspice, ginger and red pepper wow! See the full recipe here.


3. Grill Tilapia (African Style)

grilled tilapia fall comfort food recipes african inspired ethinic

Grilling a whole fish may seem intimidating and not for the faint of heart but this African style grilled tilapia will have you grilling with ease - it's all about the spices which you can easily substitute. In West African countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory coast, and Ghana grilled fish is a staple after work meal or street food. One tip to achieve the golden brown appearance, use a grill fish basket. See the full recipe here.


2. Nigerian Jollof Rice

nigerian jollof rice fall comfort food recipes african inspired ethnic

This is no side dish, Nigerian Jollof rice is meant to be the star of the meal and once you taste it you'll know why. This colorful, spicy rice dish incorporates Jamaican or Caribbean curry, poblano peppers and red onions stewed in tomato broth. This is such a beloved dish South of the Sahara and along the coast of West Africa it has its own holiday. See the full recipe here.


1. Mozambique Peri Peri Grill Chicken

Mozambique Peri Peri Grill Chicken recipe fall comfort foods

This Mozambican Peri Peri Chicken offers a moist, flavor packed, dish with a smokey, spicy creamy coconut sauce. It may become your number one go-to dish this fall. We love this dish because hello chicken but besides that the addition of coconut milk and fresh chilis take it to another level. See the full recipe here.


Bonus recipe:

Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese 

southern baked macaroni and cheese fall comfort food recipes

A staple when you think of fall comfort foods, baked macaroni and cheese instantly transports you to childhood watching your mom or grandmother create this delicious dish. The Divas Can Cook version of southern baked macaroni and cheese is no different. This tried and true mac and cheese is baked in a milk and cheese base. The magic takes place when you stir those eggs in before the cheese topping to ensure the ingredients adhere to one another. See the full recipe here.

We hope these African inspired fall comfort food recipes have inspired you to have fun in the kitchen this fall try something new. Let us know in the comments which one or more recipes you'll be trying out and be sure to give your recommendations below of your tastiest dish from travels throughout the Diaspora. 

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