10 African Inspired Back to School Ideas Your College Student Will Love

10 african inspired back to school gift ideas college students will love

10 African Inspired Back to School Ideas Your College Student Will Love 

It's time to go back to school and your college bound kid, niece, nephew or friend wants to go back representing who they are. Reflektion Design has curated a mix of 10 African inspired back to school ideas your college student will love. Afrocentric items that will make them actually want to go back to school just to show off. These beautiful notebooks, backpacks and more will carry their books, make their dorm room pop and hold their most treasured thoughts for the culture.

Let us know in the comments which items are going on your back to school shopping list we've got our eyes on #1, 5, & 8.

10 African Inspired Back to School Items For College Students 

10. Kente Cloth Backpacks and Laptop Cases -  African On My Back

African print fabric kente cloth back to school back pack book bag

Africa On My Back backpacks and laptop cases are literally what the name states. These back to school essentials are handmade by local artisans in Ghana and are crafted out of Kente cloth print fabrics. Available in several vibrant African patterns these backpacks, laptop cases and messenger bags will have your college student making a statement on campus. Who wouldn’t want to show them off at school, work, while on a hike, or at the library? 

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9. My Black Is Beautiful Pencils - Minor Educated

my black is beautiful afrocentric african inspired back to school shopping ideas

It is never too early nor can one have too many positive messages of inspiration at any age. Especially as a child of the Diaspora who should be bathed in positivity and wisdom all day, everyday. Each time your college student picks up these pencils they will literally hold and hold within the message of self-love, My Black Is Beautiful. 

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8. African Print Fabric Tote Bag - Reflektion Design


ankara african print fabric reversible tote bag back to school college shopping ideas

Modern with a colorful edge. These words describe the colors and pattern of this blue, fuchsia and yellow Ankara fabric tote bag and and how your student will feel wearing it. Whether holding books, laptop or groceries this eco friendly tote bag fits the bill. Best part it's lined with striking African print fabric and has two inside pockets for their keys, phone and more.

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7. Pop Art Afro Bedding Set The Afro Chic Boutique 

pop art afro dorm decor bedding set

How groovy is this pop art inspired Afro duvet bedding set? Maybe your college aged daughter has just gone natural or has been rocking her natural curls for a while either way she'll love this set in her dorm room as a reminder to keep it cute and natural. 

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6. Rasta Pattern Wall Clock -  Tribal Immunity

red black and green rasta wall clock dorm decor ideas

The last thing you want is your college student to be last for class. A rasta pattern wall clock from Tribal Immunity will help and look good in their dorm room. The red, black and green colors and tribal pattern will make a statement while reminding them to make the most of their time. Plus it's unisex an added bonus.

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5. African Print Fabric Quilted Laptop Bag - Handcrafted Fuchsia

quilted african print fabric patchwork laptop bag

If there's one thing you know about your college student, they don't want to look like anyone else. This quilted patchwork African print fabric laptop bag is one of a kind so they'll enjoy sporting it on campus. Made to last with a sturdy handle and pocket the patterns are vibrant and make a statement just like your student.

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4. Mud Cloth Pencil/Makeup Case - Thrity Epenyu 

black mud cloth pencil case make up brush bag

This versatile black mud cloth makeup bag or pencil zippered pouch is perfect for college-age students who have a chic style and appreciation for African textiles. Refined and well made it can carry the best of writing utensils or makeup in style.  

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3. Cream Purple Mud Cloth Pillow Pillow Covers - Reflektion Design

cream off white purple mud cloth pillows

Off white and lilac purple mud cloth pillow covers in the classic triangle pattern for that extra pop of Afro modern style. The softer color pallet on these mud cloth pillows would look beautiful on your student's bed who loves soft calming tones and minimalist style.

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2. African Print Fabric Satin Lined Bonnet - ThanxIMadeIt

satin lined african print fabric bonnet

They'll be other hair bonnets in her dorm but none like this one. A protective hairstyle must have, the satin lined African print fabric bonnet form ThanxIMadeIt is so cute and stylish everyone will be asking her where she got it. Lots of patterns and sizes available too so regardless of hair length or style she'll be covered. Get it? lol

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1. Black History Note Book - NikNax

black history is in every subject spiral note book

From science to business and every subject in between African Americans have been instrumental. The black history is in every subject spiral note book will be a reminder of this fact and encourage your college student to make their mark on the world. What I love about this business is a portion of every purchase goes towards a scholarship awarded at the end of each school year.

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These goodies make me want to go back to school! Any of these African textiles, bold motifs and afrocentric items are for the students at heart, life-long learners along with college students. These backpacks, totes, pencils, zippered pouches and wall art are timeless and culturally unique. 

Is there an African print fabric, afrocentric back to school item you want to recommend? Please comment below! 

For more African inspired ideas check out Reflektion Design.   

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