11 African Print Fabric Decor Ideas You'll Love

Kente Ankara fabric

11 African Print Fabric Decor Ideas You'll Love

Your home is your castle, your queendom your sanctuary show it some love with African print fabric decor. Bring the fabric of your roots into your space. Pillows, table linens, curtains, throws Ankara fabric home decor adds instant warmth and joy.

To help you get started, I’ve curated a list of 11 different decor ideas using African print fabric whether you prefer colorful decor or neutral tones at home.

Share your favorites in the comments. I’ve got my eyes on #4, 7 & 10.

11 African Print Fabric Decor Ideas You'll Love

1. Door wreath - TheAfroChic Boutique

Kente Ankara fabric

Let’s start outside. Anyone who visits or drives by your home will know you’re for the culture with this beautiful African print fabric door wreath. Wooden African mask at the center, cowrie shells sprinkled around it, vibrant Kente Ankara fabric with matching orange burlap wow. I couldn’t think of a more vibrant way to show your home some love from the outside in.

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2. Reflektion Design - Throw pillows & floor pillows

Reflektion Design - Throw pillows & floor pillows

Throw pillows are one of my favorite and one of the easiest ways to refresh a space without breaking the bank. Pillow covers are especially useful because you can simply cover your existing cushions giving them a fresh new look. Ankara fabric floor pillows are really popular right now and very versatile: think extra seating for game night, meditation pillow, playroom cushions for your kids and more.

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3. Konkada - Kente Lamp shade

Kente Lamp shade

Light up the room with African print fabric lamp shades. Most of us have had the same boring lampshades for years this is the perfect way to add some pizzaz to your home. Lamp shades can fit your typical table style lamp, floor lamp or certain ceiling lights. Lamp shades also add a modern pop and are a nice way to ease into color if you’re hesitant.

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4. Bedding - Umenki Home

African print fabric bedding - reflektion design

A good night's sleep starts with comfortable bedding. Adding color and pattern to the mix makes for an even better sleep experience. I love African print fabric bedding because it’s regal, colorful and the African prints used are often unique. Not ready to bring tons of color into your bedroom, consider Ankara fabric duvet covers and shams for your guest room.

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5. Quilts - OVBrantley Quilts

African quilts - reflektion design

African American quilts have a rich history and are an artistic expression deeply rooted in African traditions, improvisation and skill. Quilts, especially those made with African print fabric are so vibrant and make beautiful heirloom pieces to be passed down from generation to generation. You can also hang quilts as wall art or drape across your bed or sofa.

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6. Tableware - Reflektion Design

fabric napkins, placemats, table runners, table wear

You make the food with lots of love why not set the table with love as well. Setting a statement table with African print fabric napkins, placemats and table runners will make your family dinner, holiday meal or pot luck with the girls so much more meaningful and classy. And let’s not forget Ankara fabric napkins are eco friendly which means they are good for you and the planet.

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7. Kitchenware - Bahati Artisan Decor

Kitchenware - Bahati Artisan Decor

Throw those plain white or beige kitchen towels away it’s time to jazz things up. Kitchenware just got more interesting with these African print fabric kitchen towels and pot holders. What I love about these is they make a great birthday, wedding, housewarming or hostess gifts. They might encourage those of us who don’t like to cook to step into the kitchen.

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8. Furniture - Entian Vintage

Victorian walnut armchair by Entian Vintage

One of the biggest ways to show your home some love is with furniture. The right piece of furniture can ground a space or add just the right about of personality to an otherwise uninspired space. This Victorian walnut armchair by Entian Vintage does both beautifully. Upholstered with classic African print fabric this chair is fit for a king or queen, doesn’t overwhelm and would bring life to your living room, den or office.

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9. Shower Curtains -  Collectife Eclectique

African print fabric shower curtains

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in a home but often get the least amount of love when it comes to decor and color.  Bathrooms are a blank slate and since they’re typically small rooms they offer a great opportunity to take chances without feeling like your whole house is too busy. African print fabric shower curtains are just the thing to give your bathroom new life. These shower curtains will add an instant Afro lux vibe and are available in several patterns.

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10. Handmade Art - Reflektion Design


You know your home needs a decor remix but not sure where to start? Handmade art is a great place to start.  African art made with natural materials like wood, raffia and elephant grass will liven up those boring white walls, night stands or desks. Many African artists make in small batches so your artwork will be special as is in everybody and their mother won’t have it.  They also look great grouped with other art creating an Afro modern gallery wall.

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11. Window curtains - Afrilege

Windows are often overlooked when revamping your space but not anymore. Check out these beautiful African print fabric window curtains by Afrilege. The vibrant colors and patterns will add instant drama to your space. These are the type of African inspired curtains you get then design the room around them. Pattern on both sides, gold grommets for easy hanging your curtains will be a conversation piece.

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I hope these African inspired decor ideas have motivated you to show your home some love. Remember you create the vibe in your space, let the fabrics and artifacts of your roots shine through. Which items are you considering? What African inspired decor should I add to the list? Share your favorites in the comments.

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  • I just discovered this page and I’m loving it. My home has an afrocentric vibe and the ideas are great.

  • I just discovered this page and I’m loving it. My home has an afrocentric vibe and the ideas are great.

  • Love love the this page and ideas, thanks

    Jasmine Owens
  • Great art work

    Racheal Kwei

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