11 African Print Fabric Dresses Perfect For Date Night

African Print Fabric Dresses

11 African Print Fabric Dresses Perfect for Date Night

Whether it’s a blind date, a first date or you have been together for years you want date nights to be special. That’s why I've curated a list of 11 African print fabric dresses guaranteed to make your beau do a double take.

And no matter what your style sis, we’ve got your covered there are Ankara fabric dresses for the girl who likes the long maxi look, the short midi style, the drop waist, and the hi low.

Dresses 5, 6 and 9 are seconds from being in my shopping cart.

11 African Print Fabric Dresses Perfect for Date Night

11. Midget Giraffe - Blue Me Away Dress

Midget Giraffe - Blue Me Away Dress

Blue Me Away is the perfect name for this dress it is fun, flirty, feminine, light and romantic. The exposed back gives it a hint of sexy drama without going overboard. Your date will be blown away for sure.

What I love about this African print fabric dress is it can be worn day or night. Daytime cocktails you can wear a wedge sandal or pair with a black leather jacket and boots for an edgy night time look. Not to mention the glorious shade of blue which is very popular right now.

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10. Grass Fields - Ifama Midi Dress

Grass Fields - Ifama Midi Dress

If you want their jaw to drop as soon as they see you, this is the dress. It hugs the curves, has a sweetheart neckline and feminine floral pattern. It also has a metallic zipper in the back cuz you gotta look cute when you step way to powder your nose. What I love about this African print fabric peplum dress is it makes a statement. This dress is for the bold and daring the perfect dress for going out dancing. 

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9. Mae Otti - Ladun Wrap Dress

Mae Otti - Ladun Wrap Dress

This dress screams confidence in the most vibrant and sexy way.

To pull off this type of pattern you have to open to color, statement jewelry and a poppin bag. What I love about this African print fabric dress is it’s versatile. Wear with flats to a jazz concert or pump it up with chunky heels and head to an exotic dinner. Best part is has pockets on both sides and you know pockets on a dress are everything.

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8. Becca Apparel - Kels Maxi Dress

Becca Apparel - Kels Maxi Dress

If this dress doesn’t make you think of a date night by the water under the stars nothing will.

The fabric drapes beautifully creating a stunning silhouette while the colors are fun and flirty. What I love about this African print fabric dress is it’s elegance. This is a classy dress and you will feel so worthy wearing no matter where the night takes you. Notice how understated the jewelry and hair are? This is the kind of dress that does all the talking.

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7. Afrothrone - Bayanda Dress

Afrothrone - Bayanda Dress

For those of us who prefer a more laid back vibe this African print fabric long top is it. The high slit is flirty with a hint of boss chick. What I love about this Ankara fabric dress is it’s chill. Not all of us are about that glam life. You can rock this top as a dress or you can throw on jeans underneath, a cute heel and a simple protective hairstyle for date night at a gallery opening or book signing.

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6. Lolaster - Tiwa Dress

Lolaster - Tiwa Dress

As soon as I saw this red and black African print fabric dress I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. It’s such a show stopping dress! Your date will have the same reaction. The colors are poppin, the dress stops just above the knee - very flirty, the cut is flattering and the styling is on point. The strappy heels shown in the photo are perfect but I can also see knee high black boots taking this fun and funky dress to whole other level.

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Love those colors? We've got the perfect red and black African print fabric pillow cover.


5. Suakoko Betty - Asha Tie Dress

Suakoko Betty - Asha Tie Dress

There’s so many things to love about this African print fabric dress. For starters, the sexy tie-front bodice and beautiful, full circle skirt. The earth tone green and brown pattern will look great on most skin tones and the elasticized back waistband creates a sleek fit. It also cleverly made, the front shows a little tummy but the back is one piece only showing your best assets.

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4. Ofuure - Omon Max Dress

Ofuure - Omon Max Dress


Oh hello! That’s the type of reaction you will get when you wear this sexy blue African print fabric maxi dress. That high slit is adjustable allowing you to show as much or as little skin as you like and the sleeves are removable. What I love most about this Ankara fabric dress is it can be worn 4 ways giving you 4 ways to slay.

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3. Mangishi Doll - Eggshell Pencil Dress

Ofuure - Omon Max Dress

Romance personified, this Chitenge print fabric dress with plunging neckline and thin straps conjures up all the feelings. Whether you’re headed to a candlelit dinner in a posh restaurant or going out for cocktails at the new “it” lounge you will make a statement in this African print fabric dress. The pattern and cut is so modern while bringing that African luxe flavor. 

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2. Ray Darten - Adunni Dress

Ray Darten - Adunni Dress

This African print fabric dress gets the award for most flattering for every women. The vibrant colors and bow tie detail at the neck is so playful.  What I love most about this Ankara fabric dress is its versatility. Wear it to work, weddings, special events or glow up with ya girls. Don’t like your arms out? All good, throw on a shawl, denim or black leather jacket. This is the dress you pull out the closet when you want to share your black girl magic with the world.

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1. Laviye - Bardot Mini Dress

Laviye - Bardot Mini Dress

Give your date the hot shoulder in this African print fabric mini dress. Part sweetheart part vixen you’re not playing games in this dress. The puff sleeve can be worn on or off shoulder and the sweetheart neckline is divine. What I love most about this Ankara fabric dress is how it balances chic and sexy so beautifully. When you’re about that black girls travel too life, this is the dress you pack for those international date nights.

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I hope these African print fabric dresses inspire you to go bold on your next date night. Each dress has its own unique style and benefits so you can’t go wrong no matter which one or more you choose.

Reflecting your unique style doesn’t stop with how adorn your body, you can show it with how you adorn your home. 

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