13 African Print Fabric Baby Shower Gifts Mom & Baby Will Love

 African print fabric baby shower gift ideas afrocentric wakanda theme gifts

African Print Fabric Baby Shower Gifts Mom & Baby Will Love

Baby showers are so festive from the decor to the games they're a wonderful way to celebrate a new life. Finding the perfect gift however not so wonderful but I've got you covered.

Reflektion Design has curated a list of 13 African print fabric baby shower gifts mom and baby will love. Perfect for the Afrocentric mom or the mom that would love a vibrant unique gift for their baby. These culturally cute gifts like blankets, booties, hair accessories, dolls are so cute, you’ll want to find an expectant mother to give them to just because.

Let me know in the comments below which baby shower gifts you'll be gifting. I've got my eyes on #9, 11, and 2. 

 African Print Fabric Baby Shower Gifts Mom & Baby Will Love

13. Mommy and Me Head Wrap Set - The Rooted Baby Co. 

 african print fabric mommy and me head wrap hair bow set baby shower gift idea

The Rooted Baby Company set of matching mommy and me head wrap and headband (and bowtie) takes twinning to another level! How beautiful will mother and baby girl or baby boy look in their debut at church, a family gathering or photo session? Four dynamic African print fabric patterns and colors are available for the new mom and baby to show off and show out!

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12. Black Girls Are Magic PennantRayo & Honey

 rayo and honey black girls are magic canvas pennant baby shower gift ideas

Inspirational, powerful and unique Rayo and Honey pennants have become the go-to art piece featuring cultural messages that evoke feelings pride and joy. “Black Girls Are Magic” and “Black Boy Joy” pennants are perfect nursery decor gifts that will still ring true as the baby grows. 

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11. African Print Fabric Minky Baby Blanket Light - Muffin Sisters

muffin sisters african print fabric minky light weight baby blanket shower gift ideas

This looks like the softest blanket on earth! How fabulous is this two-sided African print fabric minky blanket? It is light weight baby blanket that will keep the bundle of joy cozy and warm. What I like about this baby blanket is it's versatility, it's perfect for cribs, strollers or playtime on the floor. 

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10. Boppy Nursing Pillow - Reflektion Design

 african print fabric boppy nursing pillow removable cover

Nursing is such a special time for mother's and their new bundles of joy. We think the more comfortable they are the meaningful the bond they'll develop. Which is why Reflektion Design offers African print fabric boppy nursing pillows. Use around mom's waist for nursing support or on the floor to support baby as they learn to sit upright.

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9. Unisex African Kente Onesie Set J’Diza Clothing  

kente cloth print african fabric onesie booties gift set baby shower ideas
How adorable is this unisex Kente cloth print onesie set. The baby girl or boy that wears this Ankara fabric ensemble is perfect for the mom who's about the culture and wants her baby to do the same. What I love about this gift set is the unique embroidery application on the onesie and the mix and match options. Such a cute versatile gift mom and baby will love.

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8. African Print Fabric Diaper BagLolly & Kids 

african print fabric pineapple diaper bag baby shower gift set ideas afrocentric

Carrying diapers, baby bottles, toys and blankets shouldn’t have to be unstylish.  Give the gift of an Ankara fabric baby bag that transitions into mom’s favorite tote or weekend getaway bag. Long after the baby is out of diapers mom can still get lots of use out this set which has the option of adding a pouch and mat to the set. That's what I call a baby shower win for mom and baby. 

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7. African Print Fabric Building Blocks - Hands Gifted

african print fabric kids building blocks toys baby shower gifts afrocentric ideas

A gift that combines the beauty of African print fabric with child development, I call that a win win. This 6 sided cube is soft to the touch yet contains a rattle inside that will keep the baby intrigued while learning colors and hand eye coordination. As the infant grows, their building skills will be developed too since the baby can form many shapes and sculptures. 

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6.  ABC, I Love Me by Miriam Muhammad

abc I love me positive affirmation childrens book black children shower gift ideas

ABC, I Love Me is the gift of self love and literacy that will remain with the baby for years to come. Each letter is one positive affirmation after another. A great read for bedtime or morning routine. This book will become the first of many to build a quality home library for the little one.  

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5. Circus Fun African Print Fabric Baby Gift Set - House of Loulee

african print fabric circus stuffed animal elephant toy bib booties set shower gift ideas

Such an adorable gift set in vibrant African print fabric, this circus fun set will be the star of the baby shower. The Ankara fabric booties and matching bib are too cute but the stuffed elephant takes the cake and makes a lovely companion for the baby. What I like most about this gift set is the colors of the fabric which will blend nicely into a variety of nursery styles and works for boys and girls.  

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4. African Rag Doll -Oonaloo 

black girl doll african print fabric doll clothes shower gift ideas

Oonaloo is about celebrating African design in children’s clothing and gifts, like this adorable rag doll dressed in African print fabric.  What a powerful gift to give  a black child from infancy, images of themselves. The recipient of this doll will learn to see their mirrored ethnic features in a doll that will fill them with pride, an appreciation for African fabric and their beauty.    

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3. African Print Fabric Burp Cloth Set - Under Wraps Baby Company Co.

african print fabric burp cloths baby shower gift ideas afrocentric

Of all the burp cloths the mom to be might receive these will stand out and become her favorite. The decorative African print fabric is lined with flannel and chenille which makes for a thicker and softer burp cloth. This is going to be the go-to baby shower gift for all your girlfriends.

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2. African Print Fabric Angolan Stroller Blanket - Betty Jeans Blankets

african print fabric baby blanket ankara baby shower gift ideas afrocentric

Measuring 43” x 33”, this Ankara fabric baby blanket is perfect to drape over the newborn’s stroller. It will protect them from the elements, as in cold weather and strangers with questionable energy. I consider this blanket a keepsake the patterns are classic and will be by the baby's side for years to come. I can also see this as a family heirloom to be passed down to the next generation.

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1. African Print Fabric Baby Carrier Sling - Wax Up Africa 

 african print fabric baby carrier sling baby shower gift afrocentric idea

Give her the gift of tradition with this Ankara fabric baby carrier sling. Inspired by by the way African mothers carry their babies. The mom to be will love this versatile gift updated with a ring to keep the fabric in place allowing her to carry her bundle of joy on her side or back. What I love about this gift besides the fabric is the purpose of this carrier. It keeps baby close which will strengthen the bond between mother and child.

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Now who’s ready to go baby shower shopping? So many great gift ideas for mom and baby incorporating African print fabric or an afrocentric theme it’s hard to just buy one. Each item speaks to her roots and giving a gift like says you truly care and took time to purchase a thoughtful gift with intension. 

Is there an African print fabric or afrocentric baby gift you want to recommend? Please comment below! 

For more African inspired gift ideas check out Reflektion Design.    


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