15 African Inspired Grad Gift Ideas For Him & Her

african inspired grad gift ideas for him and her

15 African Inspired Grad Gift Ideas For Him & Her

This year thousands of young kings and queens take that long awaited walk across the stage proudly wearing their afrocentric Kente cloth stole or decked out graduation cap for the culture. Graduations are a wonderful time to acknowledge the accomplishments and potential of family and friends what better way to send them off with a gift rooted in cultural expression. 

Reflektion Design has curated a list of 15 African inspired graduation gift ideas for him and her. Gifts that mean something and speak to the uniqueness of who they are as they start this next chapter of their life. 

Let me know in the comments which African inspired gifts your getting. I've got my eyes on #2, 9, 12.

15 African Inspired Grad Gift Ideas For Him & Her


black culture greeting card


15. Cultural Greeting Cards- Kindred Paper

Kindred Paper's delightful collection of greeting cards for the culture are thoughtfully crafted with beautiful designs and heartfelt messages, offering a unique and meaningful way to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Whether you're looking for a card that's sentimental, humorous, or inspirational, Kindred Paper has something for every graduate. With their high-quality printing and attention to detail, these greeting cards are not only a joy to receive but also make wonderful keepsakes that graduates can treasure for years to come.

Give the gift of heartfelt congratulations with Kindred Paper's greeting cards, and let your graduate know just how proud you are of their achievements.

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14. Leather Wallet - Ed Fountain Jewelry & Leather

men's leather wallet accessories
Handmade men's leather wallet from Ed Fountain Jewelry and Leather—a timeless accessory that combines craftsmanship and practicality in one exquisite package.
Carefully crafted from premium leather, each wallet exudes sophistication and durability, making it the perfect companion for the modern man on the go.
With its sleek design and attention to detail, this wallet not only holds essentials like cards and cash but also makes a stylish statement.
As a graduation gift, it signifies the transition into adulthood and the importance of quality and reliability in everyday essentials. Pair with their funky t-shirts and bead bracelets for a really cool gift set for him. 
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Lost Wax Playing Cards - Olutade Abidoye/Art of Play

afrocentric black culture playing deck of cards grad gift ideas

Card games are serious business. This royal set is the perfect graduation gift for the card game aficionado in your life. Designed by Olutade Abidoye, these West African playing cards based on 15th century Africa feature a vibrant color palette and design that emulates gorgeous tapestries from the era. In addition, art connoisseurs and history buffs alike will delight in a set of custom court cards that honor native paintings and etchings of the period. A special deck of cards that celebrates art, history and African culture, only to be brought out for special games.

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12. African Print Fabric Duffle Bags - Africa on My Back


african print fabric duffle travel bags


These vibrant and versatile bags not only make a bold fashion statement but also serve as practical companions for their exciting journeys that lie ahead.

Whether your graduate is embarking on a backpacking adventure through Africa, a weekend getaway with friends, or simply commuting to their first job, an African print travel bag adds a touch of personality and flair to their travel ensemble.

Plus, by choosing a gift that celebrates African heritage and craftsmanship, you're not only offering a unique and memorable present but also supporting artisans and small businesses in Africa. Give the gift of wanderlust and cultural appreciation with an African print fabric travel bag that's as functional as it is fashionable.

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11. Limited Edition or Custom Wall Art - Frequency of Love

african pattern wall art

Searching for a meaningful graduation gift that symbolizes growth, inspiration, and cultural appreciation? Consider African fabric-inspired wall art by Frequency of Love.

These stunning pieces blend traditional African textiles with contemporary design, resulting in unique artworks that add depth and vibrancy to any space.

Whether your graduate is moving into a new dorm room, apartment, or office, a piece of African fabric-inspired wall art serves as a beautiful reminder of their journey and the diverse world awaiting them.

Each creation from Frequency of Love not only embodies the beauty of African heritage but also radiates positive energy, making it a thoughtful and inspiring gift to celebrate this milestone achievement. Give the gift of art, culture, and encouragement with African fabric-inspired wall art by Frequency of Love, and watch as it becomes a cherished symbol of empowerment and growth for your graduate.

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10. African Print Fabric Button Pin SetsReflektion Design 

african print fabric button jacket lapel pins

Your grad will walk with confidence and pride with these Ankara fabric covered buttons inspired by the colors in the Pan African flag: red, black and green.

The afrocentric fashion accessory - they can pin to their jacket, bag, clothing or where ever they want to represent who they are in a stylish way. Paired with the black and white mud cloth inspired fabric and gold star pattern these buttons are perfect for the grad with knowledge of self. Other patterns options available at www.reflektiondesign.com

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9. Bantu Knots Mirror - Arimas 

bantu knot afrocentric compact mirror arimas grad gift ideas

Representation matters even with the gifts we give. This mirror will reflect two beauties: your grad on the mirrored side and the enamel and gold plated African beauty with bantu knots on the other. There’s nothing like giving yourself a quick look or to touch up your lip gloss with your own mirror. It’s so pretty it’s sure to collect as many compliments as your young graduate. She’s making professional moves and should look good while doing so.

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8. African Print Fabric Baseball Cap - The Helm

africa baseball cap

African baseball cap featuring the map of Africa in bold red, black, and green colors.

This adjustable and stylish accessory not only adds a pop of flair to any outfit but also serves as a powerful symbol of identity and pride.

Perfect for graduates stepping into new adventures, whether in the workplace or on travels, this cap embodies a sense of connection to their roots while embracing the future with confidence. With its versatile design and meaningful representation, the African baseball cap makes for a thoughtful and memorable gift that graduates will wear proudly as they embark on their next chapter in life.

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7. African Pattern Ceramic Coffee Mugs - Reflektion Design

african pattern coffee mugs


Celebrate the accomplishments of your favorite graduate with a touch of African flair and functional art with Reflektion Design's African pattern ceramic coffee mugs.

Each mug is a masterpiece, showcasing intricate African-inspired fabric patterns that capture the essence of culture and tradition. Whether sipping morning coffee before a job interview or winding down with a warm cup of tea after a long day of studying, these mugs offer a moment of serenity and reflection.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, they are not just vessels for beverages, but symbols of resilience, diversity, and the journey ahead. With their timeless design and artisanal quality, Reflektion Design's African pattern ceramic coffee mugs are the perfect way to honor the achievements of graduates and send them off into the world with a daily reminder of their roots and the richness of their heritage.

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6. Ankara Fabric Necktie - Gabe Jade Accessories

Ankara African print fabric bow tie grad gift idea

The prefect gift for the dapper grad, the GabeJade African print fabric bow tie will fulfill your young man’s fashion dreams and help him ace upcoming job interviews. Whether he rocks this style everyday or for that special occasion, Gabe Jade offers a variety of Ankara fabric options so you can gift him one tie or create a set. 

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5. African Pattern Fanny Packs - Reflektion Design

african pattern fanny pack


Help your grad elevate their style with this white mud cloth-inspired fanny pack—a versatile accessory that combines fashion and functionality effortlessly.

Perfect for the graduate who's always on the go, this sleek and trendy fanny pack offers a modern twist on traditional African aesthetics.

Its striking design, reminiscent of the intricate patterns found in mud cloth textiles, adds an element of cultural flair to any outfit while providing convenient storage for essentials like keys, phone, and wallet.

Whether they're navigating campus life, exploring new cities, or embarking on outdoor adventures, this fanny pack is the ideal companion, ensuring they stay organized and fashionable every step of the way. Give the gift of style and practicality with the black and white mud cloth-inspired fanny pack—a surefire way to make your grad stand out in the crowd with confidence and flair.

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4. Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style - Shantrelle P. Lewis

Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style african fashion coffee table book

Who’s the dandy lion in your life?  The colors and patterns showcased in this book by Shantrelle P. Lewis features US and UK gentlemen (and a few ladies) dressed from head to toes in the most splendid African textiles with spectacular vibrancy that represent a global fashion statement. Congratulate your dandy lion who’s always had a flare for fashion with a stunning book that celebrates others who make a mark with their style!  

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3. African Jewelry - Afrohemien

afrohemien adinkra symbol gold necklaces grad gift idea

Searching for a graduation gift that captures the essence of culture, craftsmanship, and individuality? Look no further than the exquisite African jewelry collection from Afrohemien.

Each piece is a stunning fusion of traditional African design and contemporary flair, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans. Whether it's a pair of statement earrings, a bold necklace, or an intricately beaded bracelet, Afrohemien's jewelry pieces serve as wearable works of art that reflect the rich heritage and vibrant spirit of Africa.

By gifting a piece from Afrohemien, you're not only offering a beautiful accessory but also supporting ethical and sustainable practices within the artisan community. Celebrate your graduate's accomplishments with a gift that speaks volumes about their unique journey and the diverse world that awaits them.

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2. African Print Fabric Pattern Socks - Afri Socks

african print fabric pattern socks grad gift ideas

Whether your young man’s style is described as classic or vintage he always wears one item that causes everybody to pause. These Afrisocks will be that item. What I love about this gift is the 5 pairs of socks come in a fabulous Ankara fabric zippered pouch basically two gifts in one. 

Your grad will look great and bring a piece of themselves into any creative or professional setting. 

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1. African Print Fabric Folding Fan - Reflektion Design

african fabric folding hand fans


Your grad is too cute to be hot that's why these Ankara fabric folding fans with leather handle are the perfect gift.  What I love about this gift is it's versatility: Ankara fans fold up easily so you can put them in your purse, gym bag, beach bag or car. These fans are handmade with traditional African print fabric perfect for staying cool while styling at festivals, picnics, lounging at the beach or at home.

Crafted by skilled artisans in Ghana, each fan boasts intricate designs and vibrant colors that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Africa. But beyond their visual appeal, these hand fans offer practicality too. They're perfect for staying cool during outdoor ceremonies or adding flair to any outfit. Plus, they make for fantastic conversation starters, allowing your grad to share the story behind their unique gift.

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I hope this list of 15 African inspired grad gift ideas have inspired you to gift with intenion and culture in mind. There's a gift option for him or her and maybe even yourself. Let me know in the comments which culturally inspired items you're gifting this year.

Shop more African inspired gift ideas at Reflektion Design.


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