15 African Inspired Grad Gift Ideas For Him & Her

african inspired graduation gifts for him and her afrocentric gift ideas

15 African Inspired Grad Gift Ideas For Him & Her

This year thousands of young kings and queens take that long awaited walk across the stage proudly wearing their afrocentric Kente cloth stole or decked out graduation cap for the culture. Graduations are a wonderful time to acknowledge the accomplishments and potential of family and friends what better way to send them off with a gift rooted in cultural expression. 

Reflektion Design has curated a list of 15 African inspired graduation gift ideas for him and her. Gifts that mean something and speak to the uniqueness of who they are as they start this next chapter of their life. 

Let me know in the comments which African inspired gifts your getting. I've got my eyes on #2, 9, 12.

15 African Inspired Grad Gift Ideas For Him & Her


15. African Fabric Print Cards - Reflektion Design

ankara african print fabric greeting cards blank inside afrocentric card

A unique graduate deserves a unique card filled with your well wishes, quotes or inside jokes. These greeting cards are hand covered with African print fabric and offer you the opportunity to say something special that the recipient can cherish for years to come. These Ankara fabric cards are beautiful and are known to end up framed and hung as wall art or displayed on a desk or shelf.

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Lost Wax Playing Cards - Olutade Abidoye/Art of Play

afrocentric black culture playing deck of cards grad gift ideas

Card games are serious business. This royal set is the perfect graduation gift for the card game aficionado in your life. Designed by Olutade Abidoye, these West African playing cards based on 15th century Africa feature a vibrant color palette and design that emulates gorgeous tapestries from the era. In addition, art connoisseurs and history buffs alike will delight in a set of custom court cards that honor native paintings and etchings of the period. A special deck of cards that celebrates art, history and African culture, only to be brought out for special games.

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13. African Print Fabric Laptop Case - Oludan Fashion

african print fabric laptop case bag grad gift ideas

Whether they will be stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, non-profit or corporate fields your grad needs the tools to set them up for success.  This vibrant Ankara fabric laptop fits the bill in style and function. This striking bag with shoulder strap is lined with pockets for all your grads essentials. It's a striking bag perfect for the graduate who likes to stand out.  

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12. Ankara Fabric Word Art - OBIKA
love african print fabric word art obika grad gift ideas

Your love and support is one of the reasons the soon to be graduate is having their special day. Take it a step further with a Love sign made with African print fabric by Obika. These words of affirmation can hang at your graduates home entrance, bathroom, or kitchen. This framed fabric work of art is also available in the words Slay, Blessed or any other unique words you can think of making this gift unique and will remind the graduate of what's important.  

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11. African Print Fabric Button Pin SetsReflektion Design 

african print fabric button jacket lapel pins

Your grad will walk with confidence and pride with these Ankara fabric covered buttons inspired by the colors in the Pan African flag: red, black and green. The woke fashion accessory - they can pin to their jacket, bag, clothing or where ever they want to represent who they are in a stylish way. Paired with the black and white mud cloth inspired fabric and gold star pattern these buttons are perfect for the grad with knowledge of self. Other patterns options available at www.reflektiondesign.com

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10. Bantu Knots Mirror - Arimas 

bantu knot afrocentric compact mirror arimas grad gift ideas

Representation matters even with the gifts we give. This mirror will reflect two beauties: your grad on the mirrored side and the enamel and gold plated African beauty with bantu knots on the other. There’s nothing like giving yourself a quick look or to touch up your lip gloss with your own mirror. It’s so pretty it’s sure to collect as many compliments as your young graduate. She’s making professional moves and should look good while doing so.

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9. African Print Fabric Baseball Cap - The Helm

ankara african print fabric baseball cap hat the helm

The perfect gift for the grad with a serious hat collection. What I love about this gift is the Ankara fabric brim of course. It's such a dope pop of color meant to coordinate nicely with their equally growing collection of t shirts. This is one graduation gift you know they're going to wear often and look fly doing it.

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8. Home Is Where the Art Is Coffee Mug - Reflektion Design

home is where the art is 11 oz coffee mug gift for art grad

Your recent art school graduate has so much talent, you’ve known since they were small and now you can celebrate them with a coffee mug that will remind them as well.  Home is Where the Art Is coffee mug makes the perfect gift and will be a staple in their new home or apartment. It is a piece of art itself, the pattern is an Adinkra symbol, Owo Foro Adobe which translates to "ingenuity" or "persistence".  The symbol refers to a snake climbing a raffia tree a dangerous endeavor requiring ingenuity and persistence. A mantra suited for a recent graduate with dreams of creative freedom.

(PS: Reflektion Design has African print fabric napkins you may want to throw in that gift bag, or decorative box!)   

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7. Ankara Fabric Necktie - Gabe Jade Accessories

Ankara African print fabric bow tie grad gift idea

The prefect gift for the dapper grad, the GabeJade African print fabric bow tie will fulfill your young man’s fashion dreams and help him ace upcoming job interviews. Whether he rocks this style everyday or for that special occasion, Gabe Jade offers a variety of Ankara fabric options so you can gift him one tie or create a set. 

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6. African Print Fabric Teddy Bear - My Wax Paris

ankara african print fabric teddy bear

You're never too old for a teddy bear. The sight of a teddy bear puts a smile on all our faces. Your graduate is no different, male or female. Look at the craftsmanship of this African print fabric teddy bear by My Wax Paris. This cute teddy is waiting to be hugged, resting on your bed, or favorite chair. Order now and it ships from Paris via FedEx to your home in time to gift to your huggable grad.

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5. African Print Fabric Passport Cover - Reflektion Design

ankara african print fabric passport covers grad gift ideas

Oh the places your graduate will go with one of these African print fabric passport covers. Look forward to the stories you’ll hear about their travels abroad whether for an exchange program or travel with friends or a new job overseas. This gift encourage them to travel noir and look good while doing it.


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4. Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style - Shantrelle P. Lewis

Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style african fashion coffee table book

Who’s the dandy lion in your life?  The colors and patterns showcased in this book by Shantrelle P. Lewis features US and UK gentlemen (and a few ladies) dressed from head to toes in the most splendid African textiles with spectacular vibrancy that represent a global fashion statement. Congratulate your dandy lion who’s always had a flare for fashion with a stunning book that celebrates others who make a mark with their style!  

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3. Adinkra Symbol Necklace - Afrohemien

afrohemien adinkra symbol gold necklaces grad gift idea

These Afrohemien Adinkra symbol necklaces each with their own special meaning are a sermon all their own. With meanings that range from Duafe (Comb) symbolizing beauty, to Sankofa (Bird) which symbolizes learning from the past, so that you may move into the future is a beautiful grad gift she will cherish each time it's worn. 

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2. African Print Fabric Pattern Socks - Afri Socks

african print fabric pattern socks grad gift ideas

Whether your young man’s style is described as classic or vintage with a pop he always wears one item that causes everybody to pause. These Afrisocks will be that item. What I love about this gift is the 5 pairs of socks come in a fabulous Ankara fabric zippered pouch basically two gifts in one. Your grad will look great and bring a piece of himself into any creative or professional setting. 

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1. African Print Fabric Folding Fan - Reflektion Design

ankara fabric folding fans leather handle african print fabric

Your grad is too cute to be hot that's why these Ankara fabric folding fans with leather handle are the perfect gift.  What I love about this gift is it's versatility: Ankara fans fold up easily so you can put them in your purse, gym bag, beach bag or car. These fans are handmade with traditional African print fabric perfect for staying cool while styling at festivals, picnics, lounging at the beach or at home.

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I hope this list of 15 African inspired grad gifts have inspired you to gift with intension and culture in mind. There's a gift option for him or her and maybe even yourself. Let me know in the comments which culturally inspired gifts you're eyeing!

Shop more African print fabric gift ideas at Reflektion Design.


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