5 African Inspired Corporate Gift Ideas

5 african inspired handmade corporate gift ideas

In today's corporate world, thoughtful gifting is a gesture that truly sets your company apart. If you're on the hunt for distinctive and meaningful employee or corporate gifts, let me take you on a journey to Africa, where craftsmanship and culture unite to create one-of-a-kind treasures. ūüĆü

As someone deeply passionate about handmade African home decor and accessories, I've witnessed firsthand the magic that these items can bring to any occasion. 

Reasons why you should consider handmade African items for your corporate gifting needs:

1ÔłŹ‚É£ Unique and Authentic: African artisans infuse their rich cultural heritage into every piece they create. Whether it's intricately¬†carved wood tableware, beautifully woven baskets, or vibrant textiles, these items exude authenticity and tell a story.

2ÔłŹ‚É£ Supporting Artisans: By choosing handmade African items, you're not only gifting something special but also supporting talented artisans and their communities. Your purchase directly contributes to their livelihoods.

3ÔłŹ‚É£ Cultural Connection: Gifting African items fosters a sense of global connectivity and appreciation for diverse cultures. It's a wonderful way to show your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

At Reflektion Design, we've curated a list of exquisite African home decor and accessories that make exceptional corporate gifts.

5 African inspired corporate gift ideas:

unique corporate gift ideas coffee mugs


1. African-Inspired Coffee Mugs: Coffee mugs are a part of many people's daily routines, whether at home or in the office. By gifting African pattern coffee mugs, you're offering a practical and functional item that recipients can use regularly.

Plus traditional African patterns are known for their striking patterns and modern motifs. Recipients will enjoy displaying these patterns on their desk or bookshelf. Lastly, presenting African pattern coffee mugs as corporate gifts demonstrates your appreciation for diverse cultures and the beauty of African art.


 standout corporate gift ideas drink coasters.

2. Woven Drink Coasters:  Woven drink coasters are universally practical. They protect surfaces from drink condensation and heat, making them a thoughtful and functional gift. They are suitable for a wide range of corporate recipients, from clients to employees.

Plus they're made with raffia, a sustainable material and the meaningful nature of handmade items will serve as a lasting reminder of your thoughtful gesture.


handmade corporate gift ideas wood spoons 

3. Olive Wood Spoons: Olive wood is known for its beautiful grain patterns and rich, warm color. Handcrafted olive wood spoons can exude an air of elegance and cultural sophistication, making them a unique and memorable gift.Olive wood spoons are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

They can be used in various culinary applications and are long-lasting. As a corporate gift, they are suitable for a wide range of recipients, from food enthusiasts to those who appreciate fine craftsmanship.


decorative baskets storage solutions corporate gift idea

4. Artisanal Baskets: Woven baskets are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. For a corporate setting, they can serve various purposes, from holding office supplies to organizing items at home. You can also fill them with fun items for a great gift basket.

Many people appreciate eco-friendly and sustainable gifts. Raffia baskets are typically made from natural fibers, like raffia, and crafted by skilled artisans. Choosing them as corporate gifts can demonstrate your commitment to environmentally responsible products.


hardcover journal corporate gift idea 

5. African Pattern Journals: A unique and functional gift your clients will enjoy taking to meetings or elevating your their bookshelf.  Journals are also practical gifts that can be used for note-taking, sketching, or journaling. The African patterns can serve as a source of inspiration for the recipient, adding a touch of creativity to their work or personal lives.

Plus the African patterns in these journals demonstrates cultural appreciation and diversity within your corporate environment. It can help foster an inclusive and culturally rich atmosphere.


By incorporating these handmade African treasures into your corporate gifting strategy, you're not just giving gifts; you're sharing a piece of art, culture, and a meaningful connection with your employees or clients. It's a win-win that transcends ordinary gifts.

Invest in handmade African gifts for your employees and clients, and make a lasting impact that they will love and remember you for.

Let us know in the comments which item you'll be gifting to your clients or team this year then explore our collection at www.reflektiondesign.com to elevate your corporate gifting.


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