Art by 13 Black Female Artists You’ll Want In Your Home

Art by 13 Black Female Artists You’ll Want In Your Home

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Reflektion Design is excited to honor 13 black female visual art rock stars. This list of black girl creatives includes art made with clay to hair art (yes real hair) their work is amazing and ready to slay your home interior.

Whether your style is traditional, afrocentric, modern or you're still figuring out your decor style you’ll want these works of art in your home.

Let me know in the comments which ones are your favorite I’ve got my eyes on #9, 7, & 1.

Art by Black Female Artists You’ll Want In Your Home

13. Adia Millett  (Oakland, CA)
circular quilt by Adia Millett

When we think of quilts images of our grandmothers tattered but loved blankets come to mind but Adia Millett has turned that concept on its head and let it be known, oh no, there’s a new quilter in town. Imagine entering your home where an inviting entry wall is dedicated to this larger than life circular quilt made with African print fabrics, vibrant sunflower yellow and other jewel tone abstract shapes.

Such a beautiful, warm way dress up a stark beige wall. This is how you say to your guests Welcome to my home and also You’re Welcome for being blessed into my home.

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12. Vanessa L. German  (Pittsburg, PA)

Vanessa L. German’s art sculpture

Thought provoking, intricate, and transformative a few words that describe Vanessa L. German’s art. This sculpture would be a conversation starter in your library, den or displayed on a mantle. Her art is composed of found objects: doll parts, antique tins, cowrie shells, household objects, bits of quilts, steel, cowrie shells, African beads and whatever objects call up to her.  Her sculptures are 21st century black memorabilia that explore themes of African American oppression, religion, violence and empowerment.

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11. Carren Clarke  (Richmond, VA)

Fired clay touched by Carren Clark

Carren Clarke’s The Queen’s Advisor Akilah (from the Queens series)

Fired clay touched by Carren Clark’s hands will add a touch of Africa, specifically Ghana to your home where she has traveled extensively, created, and been influenced by Ghanaian culture.  This vessel, The Queen’s Advisor would look beautiful on a sideboard buffet or at the center of the dining room table. She will attract the attention of any guests lucky to receive an invite into your home accented with a touch of this African inspired art.  

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10. Sadie Barnette (Oakland, CA)

Metal flake on found objects by Charlie James Gallery

Metal flake on found objects, Courtesy of Charlie James Gallery

Illustrator, photographer, and large scale installation artist Sadie Barnett is the daughter of Rodney Barnette, founder of the Compton, California Black Panther Party. Yet, Sadie also creates a unique party of art abstraction which she says is “In service of everyday magic and survival in America.”  

Your media room, man or woman cave is awaiting this homage to your childhood, which Barnette represents in the above old school glittered stereo and speakers. Microphone check, one-two, one-two….

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9. Bisa Butler (New Jersey)

African print fabric quilt

The Safety Patrol, Courtesy of Claire Oliver Gallery

It’s rare I use phrases like next level and game changer but Bisa Butler‘s talent is nothing short of those descriptions. This amazing African print fabric quilt in particular is a massive 90”x 82” inches but it’s so stunning it makes you consider moving or remodeling your home around it. You can feel the unlimited potential, genius, and brilliance in the children’s beautiful black faces in this quilt called The Safety Patrol.

The photorealism she creates with fabric (no paint all fabric) showcases her immense talent. The children are adorned in African print fabrics as well as pieces of clothing from the subjects Butler interviewed (along with their parents) to create this family heirloom.  To say Bisa Bulter’s art will give your walls life is an understatement.

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8. A’Driane Nieves (Philadelphia, PA)

giclee fine art print by A’Driane Nieves

Her in living color

I’m a sucker for color and this giclee fine art print by A’Driane Nieves does not disappoint. She explains, “I create art that not just evokes emotion, but sparks dialogue and self-reflection. My art is a means of protest, but it's also survival and expression, exploration and discovery. 

Her abstract, figurative forms are mesmerizing and make you think. Imagine this vibrant artwork in an ornate wooden frame on your vanity, bedroom wall or wherever you want celebrate femininity in your home. I highly encourage you to dig deeper into her work you’ll be glad you did.

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7. Marcellina Akpojotor (Lagos, Nigeria)

Marcellina Akpojotor's mixed media artwork

Tobi (Pearl Series)

Marcellina Akpojotor's mixed media artwork is a celebration of Black womanhood. Her pieces made with upcycled African print fabrics tell stories and evoke emotion. I can see this beautiful work of art commanding attention in a great room or home office. This African Queen is poised, with a gaze that can stop a gusty windstorm or downpour of rain. She is a reflection of all that black Girl magic stands for.

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6. Jade Purple Brown (New York)

Jade Purple Brown's artwork

Topless Swim

With all the stresses in life Jade Purple Brown's artwork reminds us to be optimistic and free. Her bold, colorful fine art prints are masterfully created with strong female figures which is important now more than ever. This particular print Topless Swim evokes feelings of exploration, freedom and a carefree life whatever that means to you. The perfect vibe for a home office or study.

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5. Brianna McCarthy (Trinidad + Tobago)

Anima /us Botanica II  by Brianna McCarthy

Anima /us Botanica II

Brianna McCarthy is a self-taught mixed media artist who prefers to call herself a “communicator” in place of the word artist. She wants a new conversation to take place on “issues of beauty, stereotypes, [and] representation.” Brianna works with a plethora of mediums that birth masks, African print fabric and paper collages, murals and up cycling black dolls with African tribal markings.

Her island roots shine though proudly in this artwork's African motifs with colorful botanicals wrapping her neck like a Queen’s crown. This vibrant art piece would bring island vibes to any room in your home.

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4. DJ Wolfe (Chicago, IL)

bar cart decor

Home bars are all the rage these days but to be honest most of the bar cart decor is cookie cutter, until now. Your home bar, however small or elaborate in size will stand out with this textured, hand painted liquor bottle made by artist DJ Wolfe. Made with the Afrocentric women in mind, her work often made with upcycled bottles is so unique and often displays African motifs. Display them or use them they'll bring an African touch to your home instantly.

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3. Natrice Miller (Atlanta, GA)   

Mike on White by Natrice Miller

Mike on White by Natrice Miller

Natrice Miller is a photojournalist, travel photographer, and street photographer statewide and abroad. Her new classic take on “black on white” photography is perfect for the modern hip home.  This beautiful, tattooed black man with his salt and pepper goatee and beard (complete with a lotus flower neckline and the African Ankh on the lower right cheek), is beckoning you to bring him home to hang out on your wall. Good morning handsome. Good night handsome.

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2. Lebohang Lang Motaung (South Africa)

magnificent braided creations by insta stalker

Insta Stalker

South African hairstylist Lebohang Lang Motaung has always seen braided hairstyles as a work of art. So it is no surprise that she is coined the “hair artist” because she uses hair, real and synthetic as her medium on canvas. Her subjects come to life because of the 3D presentation of her magnificent braided creations on canvas rather than the use of oil or acrylic paints. Imagine this piece in an eclectic living room or gifted to a friend who owns a salon. 

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1. Natalie Osborne (Chicago, IL)

Natalie Osborne artwork

 Tonight’s the Night

Natalie Osborne believes you can make your home an art world and I couldn't agree more especially when you incorporate bold unique artwork like hers into it. This piece Tonight’s the Night would add drama and sophistication to your entryway or bedroom. Osborne showcases her talent for color-blocking when creating art and it's so beautiful to see an abstract black woman represented in art. It shows range in creativity and opens a discourse on “what is beautiful to you?”

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These 13 Black female artists are an inspiring example of what modern black art looks like. Make this [Black] Women’s History Month the perfect excuse to inject your home with color, history, black male and female imagery, abstract shapes, emotion and African print fabric motifs. Rotate and add Black Art to your home like you change your seasonal wardrobe. Create your own black art world. 

Who are your favorite black female artists? Let us know in the comments.

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