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It's dining table reveal time! Most of us are staying home for the holidays this year but that doesn't mean you have to dial down the holiday cheer. If anything nows the time to create new holiday traditions that reflect who you are. I decided to go that route with the dining room.

I knew I wanted an Afro modern fall/holiday table-cape vibe but didn't want traditional colors. So I chose warm hues like burnt orange, black and soft white. I also wanted to incorporated natural design elements with a global flare like block print napkins and runner from India and wood candle holders and baskets from Africa. 

But the foundation of the table styling and icing on the cake is the glass dining table and chairs I grabbed from Allmodern. So with out further ado let's take a look!

This blog post is sponsored by AllModern however all opinions are my own.

AllModern Dining Table Reveal 

mid century modern wood dining chairs from allmodern reflektion design blog


The chairs:  I selected the Degraw side chairs with black seating and dark walnut finish. The shape is sleek, the color warm and the curved back is very comfortable. Qualities of a quintessential mid century modern chair. I also like that the chairs fit all the way under the table for a neat tucked away look.


glass dining table top styled african inspired modern style


The glass table top:  Why a glass table instead of wood you ask? I asked myself the same question initially because normally I'd be all about a wood table but this time I decided to step out of my comfort zone.

The glass adds an elevated design element and why block the view of your area rug with the tabletop. The glass allows me to enjoy the African inspired pattern in the rug from all angles. AllModern has several modern glass table options, I selected the Sienna solid wood glass table with coffee colored base.


mid century modern architectural dining table reflektion design


The table base: talk about legs! I feel like the legs on this table expand for days. Part mid century modern, part architectural and part drama the Sienna wood table practically steals the show. It's is a statement piece that adds such an elevated fresh look to my dining room. Again, the glass tabletop allows the base of the table to shine. There's also a ledge in the center of the base. I'm thinking of placing a small basket or succulents on it.



afro modern african inspired dining table styling


Creating this Afro modern holiday table-cape was a lot of fun. As we get closer to Christmas I'll add more brass accents and red, black and green once Kwanzaa arrives. No matter the occasion Allmodern made it easy for me to create the vibe I was going for.

What is your favorite element? Would you ever consider a glass dining table? Let me know in the comments and happy holidays to all!

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  • This came out beautifully!


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