How To Create A Home That No One Wants To Leave

4 ways to create a cozy home for the holidays


Pretty much all of us love to return home from a long, tiring day at work to a warm, comfortable, and inviting home. An inviting atmosphere is not something that can be bought in a box and added to your home, and it is not something that is quantifiable or the same for everyone. However, it is the thing that makes people want to visit your home and never want to leave because they feel so comfortable. And with the holidays upon us creating a cozy environment means that much more.

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There are many really easy and cheap ways to create the relaxing home of your dreams, that both you, the people you live with and your friends will all love. Here's 4 ways to create a home that no one wants to leave.


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Step One: Create A Warm Welcoming Area

They say first impressions count, and this is never truer than when it comes to your home. When guests - and yourselves, for that matter, walk into your house, make them feel instantly welcome. Your hallway is probably the first room that they will see so make sure it is clean and tidy. Paint in lighter colors, as dark colors can often make small spaces seem even smaller, and carefully positioned mirrors to create an illusion of space and light. Think about seasonal touches, such as fairy lights wrapped around stair railings in the winter and bunches of bright, cut flowers in vases on side tables. Potted plants always look good, and will help to increase the oxygen in a room - which is always a good thing!  


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Step Two: Light Candles

Candles are an excellent way to make your home feel cozy and inviting. Just like the fire, it gives out a gentle light but also fills your home with beautiful scents of your choice. Whether you prefer citrusy and fruity scents or classic deeper smells, you will definitely find a candle that suits your personality and your home.


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Step Three:  Add texture with throws and cushions

Everyone loves snuggling down on their couch, surrounded by heaps of cushions and throws. Think about all the films and adverts, you see, with people curled up with a hot drink and a blanket over them. You want to feel like that, and you want your guests to feel like that, so by adding plenty, both on the sofas and perhaps in a basket near the fireplace, you always have some to hand. It also has the added appeal of adding a layer of warmth on cold days and saving money on those expensive energy bills!


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Step Four: Clear Away The Clutter

Clutter is something that can cause agitation to both your guests and you. We are all guilty of putting something down, intending to put it away at some point, and weeks later, it is still in the same spot. Letters get put down on the side ready to be handled the next day, and before you know it, there are piles everywhere.

Try to implement a ‘touch once’ policy - handle things just once before putting them away or disposing of them. If you can't do this, then buy some cute storage baskets to hide it all - after all, out of sight, out of mind! If you have things cluttering up your sideboards that could be stored away, invest in self-storage. You can get storage solutions for almost anything, from furniture to wine storage


We hope these 4 ways to create a home no one wants to leave will inspire you to create the home you've always wanted and one that your holiday guests will enjoy too.

We'd love to know which of the steps you'll be implementing and other ways you create a stay worthy home.

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