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How We Live Home Tour: K'era Morgan

kera morgan home tour how we live reflektion design

How We Live Home Tour: K'era Morgan

kera morgan mixed media artist black female how we live home tour


K’era is a Los Angeles-based mixed media artist who currently has a penchant for works on paper and a long term love affair with textile traditions from around the world. She's also the owner and creative force behind art and decor brand K'Apostrophe.

I've known K'era for some time, we've had the pleasure of working together at several events from Unique LA to West Elm. I consider her a business buddy and dear friend and I can't wait for you to check out her beautiful home. Let's go!

artist kera morgan home tour how we live
Credit: David A. Land

Tell readers a little about yourself and where you live: My name is K’era Morgan and I reside in the historically black neighborhood of Ladera Heights in Los Angeles, CA with my husband of 7 years.

I’m an artist and a textile designer and find great inspiration in everyday life. In fact, the way I process the world around me is through my art. I’m deeply spiritual, which is a guiding force in my life. I practice transcendental mediation as a means of daily self-care. I love a good tarot reading, reiki session and sound baths as well circling with my fellow sisters on the new moon/full moon. 

how we live blog series home tour black people
Credit: David A. Land

How would you describe your decor style in three words and who or what influenced that style? Eclectic, Evolving, Approachable - I’ve always had a love for design and great appreciation for well-thought decor from a very young age. I think I inherited that from my mother. She had such great taste from clothing to how she decorated our home. Although I went to art school, which exposed me to the broader world of design and decor, the foundation started at home.


kera morgan black female artist home tour how we live blog series
Credit: David A. Land

Do you have keepsakes or family heirlooms incorporated into your home decor? If so, what are they and why was it important to incorporate them? Most of the keepsakes I have in my home are vintage family photos some of which are framed and displayed throughout my home. Throughout my adult life I always lived quite far from family members and I moved a decent amount therefore, photos were something that kept them close to me and they were always easy to pack up and move. I also happen to think family photos bring that cosy-homey vibe to a space.


minimalist bedroom long african print fabric pillow

Credit: David A. Land

Why was it important for you to incorporate African decor into your home? What types do you have? (e.g Art, pillows, bedding, masks ect.) I have pillows, including one from you as well as a few African sculptures/objects d’art and baskets in my home all of which I love. There is such a rich cultural history of art and craft in Africa that I think for some, is just being discovered or is seen as current trend but for me, it was important to have these select pieces because I felt an innate connection to them. 


kera morgan black female home tour reflektion design

Credit: David A. Land

At Reflektion Design our mantra is, See Yourself at Home. How does your home reflect who you are? Besides having pieces of my own artwork and textiles displayed throughout my home--- it’s not pristine or perfect and still a work in progress, much like me and I’m quite alright with that. However, the one comment I received each and every time people enter my home is that the energy is calm and inviting and they feel at ease. I try my best to radiate and generate peace personally so maybe I’m imbuing that energy in my home as well.

Thank you K'era showing us how you live! Check out her collection of tapestries, art prints, throw blankets and more at


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  • Beautiful home. I love the natural materials used to bring in the organic look and feel. Beautiful artwork that showcases her talents. Makes a house a home.

    Nicole Torres

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