How We Live Home Tour: Riche Holmes Grant

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How We Live Home Tour: Riche Holmes Grant

Riche Holmes Grant is the queen of tables-capes (a name I affectionately gave her). Using color, texture and soul she decorates tables in a chic and refreshing way. But she's also an attorney and talented content creator on Youtube where you'll find her amazing DIY projects, self care tips and delicious recipes. I'm excited to show you her Maryland home let's take a look.


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Tell readers a little about yourself and where you live. My name is Riche Holmes Grant, and I'm an entrepreneur, designer and lifestyle content creator.  I host a lifestyle web series called “The Riche Life,” where my most popular videos are my tables-capes, and I’m also a lawyer licensed to practice law in New York and Maryland, but only the fun stuff! 

I’m based in Prince George’s County, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC. I live at Grant Central (the name we lovingly gave to our home after NYC’s Grand Central Terminal) with my husband, my seven-year-old daughter, Riley (#Miniboss), and my dad, who came to live with us two years ago after being diagnosed with early-onset dementia.


Riche holmes grant family room home tour decor blog


How would you describe your decor style in three words and who or what influenced that style? Curated. Warm. Comfortable. I only select pieces that I really love, that inspire me and that evoke a sense of warmth and comfort in a stylish way.

I grew up watching my mom meticulously pick out every piece of furniture in my childhood home with a level of detail that was impossible for my young mind to process. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that she was curating a home that was stylish, warm and comfortable, all of the elements that became so important to me when it was time for me to decorate my own home.


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Do you have keepsakes or family heirlooms incorporated into your home decor? If so, what are they and why was it important to incorporate them? My home is filled with lots of family heirlooms, from artwork to African artifacts to my grandmother’s hand-painted figurines and table decor, to my favorite, the beautiful piano that I grew up playing that Riley now plays. It was important to me to incorporate these pieces in our home because they are filled with so many stories and memories that help our family maintain a tangible connection to those who came before us, on whose shoulders we stand.


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Have you completed a brag worthy DIY project? If so, tell us about it. The DIY project that I’m most proud of is the closet makeover that I did with my daughter in our Mommy & Me office after winning a Home Depot pitch competition. We used exposed brick peel and stick wallpaper, plumbing pipes and open shelving to create an industrial chic look that reminds me so much of my time in New York.


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Why was it important for you to incorporate African decor into your home? What types do you have? (e.g Art, pillows, bedding, masks ect.) I grew up watching my mother fill our home with African decor, but again, it was one of those things that I didn’t understand the significance of until I got older and had a daughter of my own. 

In our home, you’ll see African art, sculptures, masks, pillows, table decor, and clothing in our closets. It’s important to me that Riley grows up surrounded by beautiful pieces of African art and decor that she can touch and feel in her everyday life as an organic link to our ancestors. She’s also attended an Afro-centric homeschool collective since she was three years old, so many selections that I’ve made over the past few years support a meaningful connection between her school and home lives too.


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For those that are hesitant to incorporate African decor into their space or don’t know where to start, what's one piece of advice you’d give them? I’m a huge proponent of only buying what you love, so it might be years between purchases and that’s completely okay. I think the best place to start is by looking at your current decor and finding places where you can add African accent pieces and grow your collection from there. Art is a simple but impactful place to start.


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At Reflektion Design our mantra is, See Yourself at Home. How does your home reflect who you are? For so long, I thought everything had to fit in its own little neat box when it came to my life, my career and my family. It wasn’t until I had Riley that I realized that living my richest life meant getting rid of the boxes. Everything in my life is so beautifully connected now and I’m the happiest that I’ve ever been.

I see this reflected in my home in the way that I’ve curated my decor. Instead of committing to one decor style throughout the house, each room is composed of carefully selected pieces that reflect my appreciation of different styles, ranging from transitional to mid-century modern to contemporary to cottage to farmhouse, with African decor interspersed throughout. Initially, I worried that the house wouldn’t feel cohesive because each room ended up having its own personality, but that’s actually what I’ve come to love about it.


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Where can we find you online?  You can learn more about me on my website at or on Instagram @allthingsriche.

You can watch my lifestyle web series (“The Riche Life”) at:


Looking for items to bring more of you into your home checkout the shop:





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