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A nursing professor, professional organizer and interior stylist Jennifer Dubois is a multi talented creative with a knack for turning homes into a personal sanctuary.

The way she infuses African masks, baskets and mud cloth into her home yet keeps a serene, neutral color pallet is amazing.

Jennifer shows us how to mix and match items while creating a beautiful balance with pattern, texture and culture. Let's meet her and take a look at her San Diego home.


bright kitchen with white backsplash blue cabinets


Tell readers a little about yourself and where you live. I am Jennifer Du Bois, a mom, wife and Yaya (grandmother). I am a part-time nursing professor and own a professional organizing business. I was born and raised in St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands and have been living in San Diego for the past 30 years.


dining room decorated with wood masks


Describe your decorating style in three words and who or what influenced that style? Afro-Caribbean, Transitional, Eclectic. My style of decorating is influenced by my deep desire to connect to my African roots. I am also very intentional about creating a calming sanctuary for my family and me.


unique home office solution bottom of stairs


What was one major decorating challenge you faced in your home and how did you solve it? I needed to create a home office, but didn’t have a dedicated space I could use. So, I created an “office at the bottom of the stairs”. I used a rug to define the space and added decorative elements to make it personal.


gallery wall with african baskets and wood masks


Why was it important for you to incorporate African decor in your home? I have been incorporating African decor in my home for over 20 years; I started with a set of masks that I purchased from a local market. I think that our homes should tell our story, represent who we are, and the things we enjoy.

It is especially important for me to create a space that supports a sense of pride for my sons I have a collection of masks and sculptures, mostly from Ghana. Some I purchased from local markets and Etsy; a few were gifted to me. I also have a collection of wall baskets and framed art I purchased from local stores.  I recently added a mud cloth throw that I purchased from your online store.


coffee table decorated with books and african art


For those that are hesitant to incorporate African decor into their space or don’t know where to start, what's one piece of advice you’d give them? I would start with one item. Visit local markets and seek out reputable vendors. Look at a variety of pieces, learn what each item represents, and purchase one that speaks to you. The beauty about African decor is that it plays well with other decor styles. Move it around your home until you find a spot that feels right.


large airy living dining room with african accent decor


If you were hosting a dinner party, what two people would you invite and why? God - I have so many questions! My Grandmother - She passed away a few years ago. A few years before she passed away, she lost her ability to communicate due to a stroke. We talked almost daily. I feel like she has so much more to share. 


decor blog interview with designer jennifer dubois


At Reflektion Design our mantra is, See Yourself at Home. How does your home reflect who you are? I love that mantra! I am very intentional about the elements I bring into our home. All of our chairs and sofa are neutral in color. My personality really shines through in the accent furniture pieces and decor. I love earthy elements and pieces that look like they were collected through travels. I love being home and I love that my family feels the same way. 


professional organizer interior stylist jennifer dubois interview


Where can we find you online? You can find me at or you can find me on Instagram.


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What is your favorite design element in Jennifer's home? How about her home office solution? Use the comment section below to let me know what you think!

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  • Where did you purchase your rug? I love your sense of style. I would love to see your entire home decor.

  • Thank you for all of your wonderful comments about my home. I enjoyed sharing our home with Anitra and her community. So much gratitude!

    Jennifer Du Bois
  • What a beautiful home! Simply fabulous!

  • I was immediately drawn to the dining area and the feature wall with the masks and buffet cabinet. I also absolutely love Jennifer’s solution for her home office! It works well situated in the curve of the stairs!

  • Wow, I really enjoyed this one (as usual). We have so much in common it’s eerie.
    I especially love the office – that’s a genius solution. Kudos to another great tour Anitra!

    N'Ckyola "Nikki" G

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