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The Meaning of the Reflektion Design Logo

The Meaning of the Reflektion Design Logo

I'm often asked about the meaning behind the symbols in the Reflektion Design logo and I love sharing!

Both symbols are Adinkra symbols. Adinkra are visual symbols, originally created by the Akan of Ghana and the Gyaman of Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa that represent concepts or original thoughts. 

Developed by the Ashanti people, Adinkra cloths were traditionally made for royalty to wear at religious ceremonies.

Adinkra symbols are used on fabric, walls, in pottery, wood carvings and logos. Adinkra fabric are often made by woodcut sign writing as well as screen printing.

One of my fondest memories in Ghana was visiting a village in Accra where artisans taught Adinkra cloth making classes and made Adinkra cloth using traditional methods.


Ok back to our logo. There are two Adinkra symbols in the Reflektion Design logo. The top symbol, Gye W'ani or "rich living" translates to "enjoy yourself, joy of living, happiness and laughter." 

The second symbol in the center of the logo Owo Foro Adobe translates to "ingenuity" or "persistence".  The symbol refers to a snake climbing a raffia tree a dangerous endeavor requiring ingenuity and persistence.

Both words are in Twi (the language of the Akan people in West Africa).

Both symbols really resonated with me so I combined them to reflect what Reflektion Design is all about = ingenuity and the joy of living. Creatively designing products that remind us of the joys in living. My goal is to offer products that bring a level of joy to your home.

I've always been drawn to Adinkra symbols. There's so much art, tradition and meaning behind each symbol it was the first place I went to find imagery that would represent the brand and fuel my creative process. 

Incorporating African print fabrics into the product mix was the next step and an easy decision. The colors, the patterns how could you not be in love with African fabrics!

And what better place to create a life richly lived than at home incorporating African designs that bring you joy and reflect who you are. 

Shop the collection at www.reflektiondesign.com

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