10 African Inspired Must Haves For Your Home This Spring

10 African inspired decor ideas for spring

10 African Inspired Must Haves For Your Home This Spring 

Spring is here and the signs are everywhere - birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the days are longer. Spring reminds us to step out of our winter cocoons start a new.

The perfect place to create a sense of renewal is at home.  Fresh flowers, a new coat of paint, colorful storage solutions a relaxing scent are just a few examples of how you can spruce up your queendom this spring.

Reflektion Design has curated a list of 10 African inspired decor ideas trending this spring. From beautiful woven baskets from Senegal to vibrant African print fabric napkins.

Let me know in the comments which one(s) speak to you. I've got me eyes on #5, 7 and 2!

10 African Inspired Must Haves For Your Home This Spring 


10. Artsy Acacia Wood Tray Set Effortless Composition

Artsy Acacia Wood Tray Set


Make your guests scream in awe with these beautiful acacia wood trays. The printed design provides added durability making this item a must have. They're a timeless look you can pull out for any occasion and in any part of your home. Follow on IG: @effortlesscomposition 


9. Blue Decorative Basket Set - Reflektion Design

blue decorative storage baskets woven in Africa

Blue and soft white woven African basket set has what you've been looking for: stand out decor with a sense of calm and serenity.

Intricately hand woven in Uganda with banana stalks and dyed raffia these basket sets marry African artistry with modern tastes beautifully.

Traditionally, used as a holding place for groceries and fruits from the market today these handwoven decorative baskets can be used to hold keys, jewelry, stunning gallery wall decor or the center piece on your table.

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8.  African Print Fabric Bread Bowl Likuni creations by JIDS

african print fabric bread bowl basket table decoration

We all know how vibrant and joy filled African print fabric can be but these handmade bread baskets by JIDS take it to a whole other level. The colors the patterns wow they scream spring time and will look beautiful where-ever you place them. The tied bows on each corner are so cute and a perfect example of what African inspired decor can bring to your home. What I love most of these Ankara fabric baskets is the versatility - use them to hold bread, keys, jewelry and more. 

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7. African Masks Wallpaper -  Nalo Hopkinson

blue wallpaper with african masks nola hopkins afrocentric decor ideas

We often think of painting the walls when a room calls for a revamp but wallpaper is just as impactful maybe even more so because with it you introduce bold patterns like this one by Nalo Hopkinson. This African inspired wallpaper is called Akuaba Greys and features an amazing African mask motif that pops off the electric blue background. What I love most about this wallpaper (besides the pattern and colors) is there's a removable wallpaper option perfect if you're renting or like to change things up often.


6. Fuchsia Ankara Fabric Pillow Covers - Reflektion Design

fuchsia yellow African print fabric pillow covers


A perfect example of Afro modern style, these fuchsia, black and yellow African print fabric pillow covers blend African patterns with eye popping colors effortlessly. That vibrant pattern is icing on the cake and a definite conversation starter.

If you have been looking for decor to liven up your home these Ankara pillow covers fit the bill and would add a level of worldly sophistication to your sofa, bed or favorite chair.

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5. Yellow African Masks Shower Curtain - Yaytoonday

yaytoonday yellow-african-masks-shower-curtain-yellow-african-print-curtains

Often a second thought, bathrooms deserve a spring refresh like other rooms in your home. These beautiful African mask shower curtains by Yaytoonday will bring your powder room to life. I mean look at this color! Yellow, the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness descriptions perfect for spring and what you want your home to be filled with. What I love about these shower curtains is the pattern it's so unique and best of all inspired by the artists hand stamped designs.

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4. African print fabric serving tray - Nikitoko

african print fabric serving tray wood ankara decor ideas entertaining springWow what a stylish way to offer your guests drinks or snacks while entertaining at home this spring. This fabulous African print fabric serving tray by Nikitoko Paris pops beautifully adding life to your indoor or outdoor get togethers. But don't store away after the party ends place on your dining table or side table with a vase filled with flowers from your garden. What I love about this serving tray is the classic timeless look it almost looks like an heirloom piece.

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3. Mud Cloth Pattern Coffee Mug - Reflektion Design

mud cloth pattern coffee mugs 15 oz white black mugs

Sip your favorite tea or coffee in this 15 oz white and black mud cloth pattern coffee mug. Inspired by the iconic mud cloth fabric native to Mali, West Africa, this mud cloth print mug will add Afro modern vibes to your cupboard. It also makes the perfect birthday, graduation and Mother's Day Gift. What I love to do with coffee mugs is fill them with tea bags, a small bag of coffee, honey sticks or chocolate candies and give as gifts.

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2. African Print Fabric Flower Pots - House of Soul

african print fabric flower pots spring decor ideas ankara afrocentric interiors

"Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower." John Harrigan

Share happiness in your home this spring with these vibrant African print fabric flower pots by House of Soul. They come in a set of 4 so you can sprinkle them all over your home - on your desk, window seal, bedside table or kitchen table. Plants are good for the health of your home providing lots of oxygen jazz them up with an Ankara fabric flower pot. 

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1. Woven Fans - Reflektion Design

african woven fan leather handle wall art spring decor ideas

How cool would your accent wall look adorned in a grouping of these beautiful African fans? Imagine yourself, cool as a cucumber on a humid day fanned by one of these beauties. They can be your personal mini air conditioner or art object. Made in Burkina Faso these woven fans are made with traditional elephant grass perfect for staying cool while styling at festivals, picnics, lounging at the beach or at home. You're too cute to be hot this summer and your home deserves some African inspired color this spring.

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I hope you are excited to transform your home this spring with African inspired decor. This list was meant to jumpstart your plans to refresh your home creating a renewed, soulful and beautiful space this spring. 

For more African inspired home decor check out our full collection at Reflektion Design.


  • I absolutely love your African aesthetic! I will most definitely be giving you a play. We must support our own. Keep up the good work!

  • Thank you very much for featuring my creations! What a great way to celebrate and promote African inspired creations.!!!

    Yalibi( Likuni Creations by JIDS)

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