13 African Inspired Must Haves For Your Next Vacation

13 african inspired must haves for your vacation

13 African Inspired Must Haves For Your Next Vacation

When you think of travel thoughts of exotic destinations, amazing new foods and plush hotels come to mind. At Reflektion Design we love to travel and think it’s a great way for you to show the world your culture while learning theirs. So I’ve curated a list of 13 African inspired must haves for your next vacation that will have you looking culturally cute and pulled together.

This woke travel accessories guide includes everything from African print fabric passport covers and tote bags, to duffle bags and comfy neck pillows for those long international flights or road trips to see the fam. Let me know in the comments which item(s) will be by your side this summer. I’ve got me eyes on #3, 9 & 11.

13 African Inspired Must Haves For Your Next Vacation

13. African Print Fabric Tote Bags - Reflektion Design

green african print fabric tote bag passport cover

Funky, afrocentric, cultured. Words that describe the colors and pattern of this green and blue African print tote bag and and how you'll feel wearing it.  What I love about this bag are it's two inside pockets making it easy to grab your phone when it's selfie time, and there's no need to spend minutes searching for your keys in the bottom of your bag, 'cos there's a front pocket for that too.

This tote bag comes in several amazing African print fabrics. Now that’s planning ahead and packing well! Bonus matching passport cover also available.

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12. African Ladies Water Bottle - Rasta Lion Wear 

african inspired afrocentric metal water bottle vacation travel accessories

It’s easy to get caught up sight seeing or checking out museums and forget to drink water. Vacation is no fun when your dehydrated. Don’t go out like that grab this stylish and functional 14 oz. steel water bottle. The unique pattern is so cultural African ladies dancing and carrying baskets the colors pop plus the clip is convenient for attaching to your backpack or waist. You look good and stay hydrated a vacation win win.

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11. African Print Fabric Garment Bag - ZNAKDesigns 

african print fabric garment bag afrocentric vacation travel accessories

You did not come to play from the fly clothes you packed to the fly luggage you carry them in. This African print fabric garment bag is not the same old drab garment bag. The Ankara fabric fuchsia record pattern is bold, colorful meant to be seen. What I love about this garment bag is it’s handmade and lined qualities important when you want to keep your gear in tact while traveling. Available in two other colors this is a show me off garment bag for the show me off garments inside!  

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10.  African Print Fabric Passport Covers - Reflektion Design

african print fabric passport covers afrocentric vacation travel accessories guide

Wherever your travels take you, you'll go in style with these vibrant African print fabric passport covers. Designed with the explorer or travelista in mind the passport covers feature sleeves to hold the front and back cover of your passport plus two inside pockets for cash or receipts. An elastic strap holds everything in place coordinating African print fabric on the inside pops every time you open it and has a tote bag to match for when you really want to slay on vaca.

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9. African Print Fabric Cosmetic BagJoydesioux 

african print fabric cosmetic bag afrocentric vacation travel accessories

Nothing worse than not knowing where your favorite lipstick is when it’s time to step out on the town abroad. Not a problem when you have a cosmetic bag especially one as eye-catching and beautiful as this one. Handmade in the UK with African print fabric, this box pouch is ideal to purchase as a set of two, or three to store your makeup, hair products, cell phone cords and chargers. Happy packing for those small, important essentials!  

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8. Camo Afro Duffle Bag - Jadore New York Couture 

camouflage afrocentric duffle bag black women with afro travel accessories guide

You've never been afraid to represent who you are let it be known while traveling with this camouflage afro duffle bag. Designed with words like dope, charming and divine sprinkled about her luscious Afro this duffle bag is a conversation starter which is nice when you’re in a new city or town. Comes with a shoulder strap and inside pocket a must have for slaying locally or overseas.

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7. African Print Fabric Luggage Tags - AnkaraNimi 

african print fabric luggage tags

So many suitcases look the same find yours easily with an African print fabric luggage tag. Cute, colorful and unique you'll have no problem identifying your bags. What I love about these AnkaraNimi bag tags is the variety of patterns available. It’s the small touches that make a trip uniquely yours carry this bit of afrocentricity with you wherever you go.

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6. Woven African Fans - Reflektion Design

woven african fans leather handle

Nothing worse than being on vacation hot and sticky. Those days will be long gone with these woven African fans with leather handle. Handwoven in Burkina Faso they'll fit nicely into your luggage every time and when not in use they make beautiful wall decor. Available in several irresistible colors you may have a hard time deciding which fan to purchase. Good news, fan bundles are also available to you can grab a few for yourself and your travel squad.

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5. African Print Pattern Umbrella - Africa Boutik 

ankara african print fabric pattern umbrella


Being caught in the rain will never look so good with this African inspired umbrella. The weather might be gloomy but you’ll bring the color and sunshine everywhere you take this stylish Ankara fabric pattern umbrella. What I love about these umbrellas (besides the Ankara fabric patterns) is the attention to detail - the wood handle takes the design up a notch. Plus its unisex so you can gift an umbrella to a fellow globe trotter.

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4. Ankara Fabric Sandals/Slides - Kiri Chic

ankara african print fabric sandals afrocentric vacation travel accessories guide


Show off that pretty pedicure with pretty sandals. These Ankara fabric sandals can to travel with you to the beach, a cruise, an island or festival getaway! What I love about these sandals is the toe ring which adds a bit of flair with a comfy rubber sole essential for long walks through the city. These are the kind of sandals you build your vacation wardrobe around.

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3. Ankara Fabric Satin-Lined Baseball Caps - Ankara Crowns 

ankara fabric satin lined baseball cap


A protective style option that doesn’t diminish your style - yes please! This Ankara fabric baseball cap lined with silk is just what you need while on vacation. There will be days you want to dress down but you can still look cute and cultural. These Ankara fabric caps are available in a number of color/print options. This is your go to for good, bad and vacation hair days.

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2. Maasai Tribe Shuka Blanket /Shawl - Reflektion Design

 maasai tribe shuka blanket vacation wrap table cloth


Maasai throw blankets are worn by the Maasai Tribe (native to Kenya & Tanzania) who wear these shawls while hunting or during special ceremonies. What I love about these throws is their versatility which is very important while traveling. This Shuka blanket will keep you warm on flights or cool evenings, become a makeshift tablecloth for a picnic outside, or an extra throw for your hotel bedding.

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1. African Pattern Fanny Packs - Reflektion Design

mud cloth pattern fanny pack

You want to enjoy your vacation not be constantly thinking about where your room key, money or lip gloss is or if it’s safely stored away. This mud cloth pattern fanny pack will relieve some of that stress and allow you to be hands free nice when it’s time to take photos or taste that fabulous drink everyone has been telling you about. Comes in 5 vibrant patterns allowing you to stand out on everyday outings or at festivals and concerts.  

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Who’s ready to get their passport stamps up? You now have an Afrocentric shopping list handy for your next adventure around the way or around the world. Each item on the list offers you an opportunity to be uniquely you through style and culture. Now go forth and travel with your fly Afrocentric self and don’t forget to take photos and tag us!

For more African inspired travel accessories visit Reflektion Design.




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