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How We Live Home Tour With Kelly Collier-Clark

How We Live Home Tour With Kelly Collier-Clark
When we think of decorating with African decor images of bold safari patterns, large wood carved animals and exotic art comes to mind. Those design elements while great for some can be intimating for others. Kelly Collier-Clark shows us how incorporating a few African decorative accents into your home can add the cultural vibe you've been looking for while blending seamlessly into your existing decor.

How We Live Home Tour With Djalna McSween

How we live decor blog interview with Djalna Mcsween

Her Caribbean roots infused with design education in Philly, Djalna McSween is a interior designer with an unapologetic approach to decorating her home.

Filled with African art, plants, books and two cats you can imagine her downtown loft has all the Afroboho vibes we love! Let's take a look at her Newark, NJ home.